Heroes: Zachary Quinto question?

what was the first episode zachary quinto was in in heroes? was he in season 1?

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  • 10 years ago
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    The other answer is correct in a way but it isnt actually zachary quinto in the third ep, its a stunt person as they hadnt casted sylar yet... his first real experience was Chapter Eight 'Seven Minutes to Midnight' he was in 60 eps of heroes, so a good amount of it hes in :) enjoy heroes :D

  • Susie
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    10 years ago

    His first appearance is in Season 1 Episode 3 - One Giant Leap :)

    Source(s): I Love that show! I recommend you watch the whole Show if you like Zachary Quinto, because he is a regular, and he appears in nearly all of the episodes...
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