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I'm thinking of opening a fish and chip shop, what do you think?

Recently, due to the fact that fish is now established as perhaps the most important source of omega what ever its called and very important for cardiovascular health, I have pondered on the possibility of promoting the eating of fish as an alternative to the growing and destructive influence of hamburger culture and its all pervasive influence on our young impressionable people and therefore, I have decided to relauch the Buckingham Palace Fish and Chip shop. I will personally be behind the counter and very willing to serve you my valued customer with all manner of fish and chips. Her ladyship Ludmilla has declined so far in this endeavour but I hope to persuade her to get behind me four square and lend a hand in this the most important endeavour of my tenure as the Prince of Chips and er ...........Fish that is. We need to eat more fish do we not! Great Britain is an island surrounded by water and cod, mackerel herring tuna are laughing at us. Let us net them in and eat the blighters in the interests of living until we are....101 like my dear old grand mum!! Let us eat more fish!!! We are open late here at Buckingham Castle btw.




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    Now you take my advice, dear Charles. There is far more mark-up to be made from selling "hand-made" fish fingers. Now one can buy a jumbo 24 pack of fish fingers in Lidl for a ridiculously piffling amount of money. Take them out of the box, let them thaw out completely and then sell them at £5 per fish finger. The Japanese tourists will buy them by the bucketload!

  • Tina
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    4 years ago

    Depends on what country your in, my friend. Hope all is going well with your studies. I had prime rib last night as i had to work New Years eve. I did it so my work place could have a skeleton crew and others could enjoy New Years eve with their family's. I never would have a cow as a pet as i like steak and Prime rib too much to ever see me eating a pet. It is new years day and no I really see a need to get back to normal but alas, many people are enjoying a 4 day weekend since it will soon be the weekend. At least they are here in America. However Americans are fat and lazy anymore. Hope you had a great time last night. GOD Bless and have a most wonderful and prosperous New Year!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I think any of those "omega whatever its called" would be undermined by being fried in rancid oil (the aristocracy are notoriously cheap; do you really think they're going to change the oil twice a day?). I say set up a guillotine at the palace so you can slaughter and sell butchered royals. After all, they've been fed some of the healthiest diets in the free world (organic and local) their entire lives. Think what you could charge!! especially to those who would believe they're ingesting some magical powers to make them strong. Perhaps we can make monarchy extinct, the same way the Asians and Africans have been killing off their engangered species...

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    The polyglot Pro. BOOFUS opines that Omega, which is at the end, is going nowhere.

    Wearing his physicist's hat, BOOFUS states with certainty that the secret to longevity

    lies in the electrolytes . Yip, the plasma of the electric Jellied Eel . Since Trotter Bros.

    were shut down by Public Health at Margate. the realm has gone into decline.

    Please dearest Highness, endorse and rehabilitate this Trotter enterprise at Margate

    Source(s): Rooney
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Amber you idiot Prince Charles can talk about the mating habits of lemurs and it would be royal because it is coming from a royal now go jump off the nearest pier there's a good girl.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    No probelem bout that as long as you got the royal seal of the queen you can have your own business. Can you reserve me Hibachi? Thanks

  • Olly
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    8 years ago

    Good idea.

  • Amber
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    8 years ago

    Please post your unrelated question in BUSINESS or something like that. This has nothing to do with royalty.

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