Questions about sprint- whatll happen after contracts up, and whats going to happen when the premier ends?

1st off, my contract for one of my phones ends December. When that happens, will I have to renew it? Or can I do it like other services, not be in a contract and pay each month for service, like cricket? Since I have 2 phones on the same plan, if the non contract way is possible, how would that work since they're on the same plan? 2ndly, about them ditching the premier program, I get 150$ off a new phone in December. So ill have to do it by then for sure? And what about my newer phone? I still have 1 year plus many months for its contract. So i won't get any upgrades? Thanks for anyone's help. I can ask a Sprint rep but they'll most likely tell me what's best for them not me

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    8 years ago
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