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Ghostface Killah vs Biggie Smalls?

We all know they had their little beef, but who do you think was better in all reality?

I'm gonna be the unpopular one, and say Ghost was better. I feel like Biggie and Pac are both overrated, not to say they arent great... But there have been better MCs.


Oh ****, people are agreeing? I was expecting to get flamed. Cool.

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    Ghostface >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Ghostface Killah

  • Z Dub
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    Biggie's career highlights were higher than Ghost's highlights, but career strength goes to Ghost, if Biggie was still around, who knows, but he's not so Ghost gets the win.

    Biggie has a top 10 hip hop song of all time in "Juicy"

    I think Ghostface's best song is probably "One"

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  • Ka8E
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    9 years ago

    I agree with everything you said.

    Source(s): BA? That is all.
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