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Fantasy football trade help please?

So I'm in a 12 team non ppr league .. I got offered Greg Olsen n marshawn lynch for anquan boldin here's my roster right now

Qb- Tom Brady

Rb-Daniel Thomas, Adrian Peterson, Steve slaton(cutting)

Wr-desean Jackson,anquan boldin,Larry Fitzgerald,Michael crabtree ,Torrey smith

Te-Fred Davis,kellen Winslow,Ed Dickson

D- eagles

K- d carpenter

I counter offerd sayin anquan for Tony Gonzales straight up ..I just want ppls feedback n some help please


I will be cutting 2 te's if I do make this trade

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    Why are you messing with TE's so much? You'd have 4 when this is over. Your bench is worthless because it's all TE's! You do need big time help at RB, but Lynch won't help.

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