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How to you create a Facebook Page URL?

So I know how you create your normal facebook URL through account settings then edit user name, but I want to do that with my Like Page that I created through that account. How do you do this? So this is my product/service page that I want to make an address for. Please note I have not submitted a new URL yet so I can still change it.

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    1.) Visit to walk through the wizard to choose the username for your vanity URL.

    2.) Choose a username for your personal profile. Before choosing a username for any of your business pages, you must choose a username for your personal profile. If you don't have a personal profile yet, you'll need to create one. Facebook will give you a few suggested options based on your name. Select one of the suggested options or write out your own. Check the availability and confirm your choice.

    3.) Choose a username for your business page. It's best to simply choose your business name. You are commiting to this username forever, so you want to make sure it will stick with you as your business grows and changes. If you have multiple pages, you can choose a username for each.

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