Homeschool or public schools?

I would love love love to homeschool my 2 sons. I have a 3 year old & a 6 month old. But I notice that it's not that accepted these days. Even when I talked to my mom about it... she seemed like it was a horrible idea. But I am a great teacher. Never been to school for it but my 3 year old is super smart. He knows & recognizes his ABCs, knows all their sounds, also he knows how to count 1-30 & recognizes it all. He even recognizes the number 100. He also is starting to read. He knows & recognizes words like cat, dog, elephant & bubble. He will try to spell out other words. It's so cute. He also knows & recognizes all his shapes & colors. Next year I was thinking about putting him into public schools. What is it like these days, public schools? I just have heard so much about how society has changed & they are so hard on kids these days. But maybe it would be good for him? Any opinions would be great, thank you! :)


@Serb & to whoever liked that person's comment. Your comment disgusted me. Just b/c people homeschool doesn't mean their children are going to end up a freakin sociopath. My god! My son is very social, he says hi to anyone on the street... hell even when we are stopped at a stop sign he says hello to the people on the corner waiting to cross. & my son has never been in a daycare. He was born a social creature. I don't appreciate any opinions that are ill & talk crap on children, get a life & stop talking crap on little kids.

Update 2:

Wow so far I've gotten 6 comments that are for public schools. Like I said homeschooling is no longer accepted in our society and I think that's pretty ridiculous. Homeschooled children are known for being way more educated then public school children. They go off to college early & do wonderful with their lives. A public school teacher teaches 20+ kids. They don't get the individual attention that is sometimes needed. But also I think about my sons having some great friends, going to dances & all that great stuff :) I would love for them to experience that. Sports too!! :) :) Anyway I would LOVE to hear from some homeschool mothers that have been strong enough to go against the system and have a great story to tell! :)

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    8 years ago
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    Woah, woah,'re getting comments from high school kids who never homeschooled a day in their lives or even KNOW someone who does. These kiddies haven't even set foot in the real world yet, their view is pretty myopic. (Of course I thought I knew it all at 18, too...)

    I disagree with your view that homeschooling "is no longer accepted." I find quite the contrary, and we've been doing this for five years now. I sort of fell into homeschooling; I'd never even considered it before, and wasn't planning on it with my kids. Basically my kid missed the age cutoff by just under two weeks, and I figured I would homeschool him "just for kindergarten" and then enroll him. Besides, I hadn't really figured out which school he should go to, so I could do my research in that year.

    Total eye-opener. I learned lots of new things I didn't know: (A) There's no such thing as open enrollment go where they tell you, period. (B) There are no charter schools, either. The legislature, in all their infinite wisdom, outlawed those with a very few exceptions, allowed only for students living on certain blocks in certain parts of the poorest sector of the city. (C) The state average score for the competency exams hovers at the 36th percentile. (D) The two largest school districts in the state have lost accreditation, and have been taken over by the state. NCLB is the least of their worries right now. (E) Our state ranks 48th in the nation for education. (F) Our county recently took the #1 spot in the nation for underage drinking rates, and my assigned school district ranked #1 in the nation for teen pregnancy. Go, us!! (We got a spot on Leno for that one.) (G) Private schools run about $10K to $30K per year, per student....unless you go parochial. Then it's $5K per year, and you get (I kid you not, their words, not mine) "daily Jesus Time" for your buck. Hmmmmm.

    So. We just kept going, and added the youngest into things when she got old enough.

    The kids are in plenty of activities, but I don't think those are really good ways to make friends. You're still expected to sit down and shut up and pay attention during scouts or gymnastics or whatever. Lots of free time with the other person is what builds friendships. At this point, my kids are more joining activities because their friends are in those activities...instead of joining activities to find friends. Joining groups that center around something they're interested in is a great start. If the kid loves horses, you join a group that's about horses. Now they have a group of people who have at least this similar interest in common. (This is how adults make friends, since they don't go to school.) We've taken a trip to Disney World with one of his friends' family, and we traveled to San Diego with a different friends' family...all this past summer. Most homeschool kids are just average kids. There are a few geniuses here and there (I know one kindergartner who is reading words like "Aluminum" and "Environmental;" I know a homeschooling senior who is trying to decide between MIT, Yale and Cal Poly; I know another one who is packing his stuff because he has been offered a job at YouTube already) and a couple of freaks, just like the general population. I once tried to research known sociopaths who had been homeschooled, but to no avail. Even the Unabomber went to public school.

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    8 years ago

    You should homeschool him, you sound like a great teacher. I wish my mother had homeschooled me and when I have kids someday, I want to homeschool them if I can. I don't know if I can though. But I'll try.

    I'm a senior high school student and I can tell you from experience that public schools are not a good place. The one thing I hate the most about it is the bullies, I've been bullied in school for most of my life, and it's not fun.

    Public schools suck and it seems to me that going to public school makes people stupider. Also the high school's sport system really pisses me off. And it's boring, especially since I think that idiots run it!

    Still, homeschool him if you can, the world is not a friendly place anymore, and neither are public schools, they're getting worse and worse all the time, it really sucks.

    That's just my opinion, but you should seriously consider homeschooling him if you can.

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  • 8 years ago

    The "Kids Need Socialization" argument is SO annoying!! As a person who spent her entire childhood in the public school system, I'm here to tell you that public school does not make someone a social genius! When home schooling, parents and kids can actually CHOOSE the people they socialize with. There are more home schooling families out there than you can imagine. There are many groups and organizations of home schooling families you can join for extra activities and "socialization."

    If your child is performing at such a level at the age of 3, public school is going to be so boring!!! When you home school, you can move at your own pace and work on things that are actually needed.

    I home school all my children, and have since kindergarten. They are not socially "weird," and have no problems connecting with other children at the playground, play dates, etc. We are involved in community activities and have home schooling friends whom we get together with often. It may not be popular to protect our children from the ills of society, but it's necessary. People for public education think, "Well, your kids have to learn about all these "adult" things sometime." That is true, but isn't it best if they learn about them when they are mature enough to make wise decisions, and when they have a strong moral compass? Five-year olds don't need to learn about adult behaviors on the school bus. It's our job as parents to teach them!! Don't be discouraged by all the haters. My family (parents, siblings) didn't support our decision either, but after seeing the progress the kids have made, they are proud of our choice.

    When we hang around our friends kids who are public schooled, it just reinforces our decision. There isn't much good going on in public education today. Just watch the news a couple days, and you'll be certain home schooling is better!!

    Good luck......You can do it!!

    Source(s): Home schooling mom for 6 years.
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  • 8 years ago

    Home school. i go to cyber school i have been there since 10th grade im a senior this year finally, and you have soooooooooo many more options an sooooooooooooo much more flexiblity. I lost no friends and still have a perfect social life. I play sports for my local high school I still attend prom homecomming and all that stuff. Plus the way "teachers" in public school are teaching is rediculous. Like you said there are so many kids in public school classes and all of them might not be getting the attention they need. I would consider cyber school also. You can still help them AND they still get individual attention from a teacher. In the future if they want to go to public school let them. I wasnt cyber schooled my whole life so i still got the school expirence but they might want to try it out too. I know a lot of people in the district that i live in that went homebound and they would NOT consider going back. Just when you kids get older, give them the option of going to regular school.

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  • 8 years ago

    my reasons for yes to homeschooling: 1- you can monitor your children much better. 2- homeschooled students are shown to have done better on test etc. 3- your children arent stuck with others who arent at their level (faster or slower learners.) 4 - they get more attention.

    My reason for public school: 1- its not perfect, which is somthing they need to learn early on so that they are aware and arent caught off guard by the real world. 2- its easier to make friends being around people your age all day. 3 - they are exposed to all sorts of people, good/bad/indifferent and learn how to deal with and/or interact with those people. 4 - they have their independence, not having to be around the family and/or tutor all day they get a break and are "cycled" into different people.

    ** these things arent necessarily the way your child with turn out, if they are HSed they may be just as independent as a child PSed. i suggest you try public school and see how it goes. :) hope this helped

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  • 8 years ago

    In public school you are required to sit in a chair for 7 hours and shut the hell up. Hardly any socialization goes on in public school. I remember one of my teachers specifically saying. School is NOT for socializing its for learning, if you want to talk with your friends thats what the weekend is for.

    My uncle says school is for brainwashing kids rather then educating them. He said something about its just away for the government to keep them in their hands but idk.

    Besides school is not the ONLY place a kid can have friends. Heck when i was younger i made ALOT more friends at the park then i ever had at school lol.

    I would suggest homeschooling cause yes its true homeschooled kids ARE more successful.

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    3 years ago

    can't shelter and learn strength-what the world is really like

    Public School

    what makes a parent knowledgeable enough to teach all grades-they're not

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  • Homeschooling can be a great thing, but it can also be a bad thing. Really it depends on the teacher and the students. I used to homeschool my daughter and we loved it. The reason we chose to homeschool is because she was in preschool for two years and started Kindergarten when she was 4 going on 5. She lasted in public school for exactly 1 week and 2 days. Why? Because she was years ahead of the other kids. She was much like your son, was counting to and from 100 at age 3, reading books by age 4, doing math sums at age 3 or 4. Public school was just not for her.

    I am honestly NOT an advocate of public school education. I would much rather a) homeschool or b) private school my kids. Unfortunately neither of those are an option right now.

    PROS - Homeschooled kids really bond with their parents and siblings in ways other kids can't. I know several families who homeschool. In one family they excel at homeschooling and could write books about it. Their kids (3 of 4 kids anyways) and years beyond their peers, are extremely social and outgoing, and are 1,000x more responsible than any kid in the state. The oldest is in 8th grade but tested out of high school. Their kids are always in something; sports, recitals, etc. Great kids. Not sociopaths. The kids every parent wishes their own kids would act like.

    CONS - for the non-social family, they should just give it up right now. I do know one of these families and they should just quit homeschooling. They kids are never around other kids, are behind in studies, and are the reason homeschoolers have a bad name.

    MY opinion - I love homeschooling. Public schools teach horrid things and if most parents knew what REALLY went on, they would probably pull their kids out. Kids as young as 5 are acting out sexually in many classrooms. School is NOT like when we were in school. It is brutal. Schools are graded based on the IQ and testability of other students, many of whose parents could care less what their kid does.

    I think you've already made your decision. Stick with it and have fun! Homeschooling can be great. There is curriculum for PK out there, start now. Research and find homeschool groups that you can meet with to exchange ideas. Sports, dance, plays...all things you can be involved with.

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    8 years ago

    Home school. No seriously. What goes on in public schools nowadays is terrible. Guns in the schools knives and all of the above. When your kids go to a great college and succeed you can say"It's all from homeschooling". If your child is as smart as you say he will have no trouble learning from you! Also if your going to home school don't give to much work but don't give to little. I recommend if you home school try Broward Virtual School( They give the books free! You can also give your kids gym outside. Let them play outside and run around for gym. Or let them play with kids in the neighborhood. Also sites like and are nice sites for kids. If you want extra math help too sites like gives your child extra math help and they send reports to your email so you can see what your child has done; it's from PRE-K to 9th grade I believe. A website where they can play fun math games is Hope this helps!

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    8 years ago

    I went to a public school and met some of the best people there. I got to learn from experienced teachers (to be fair, not all teachers are great but that's what is good about public schools; you get to deal with horrible people, and learn how to overcome fears) and I made some very good friends too.

    My cousin was homeschooled, and she is rude and interrupts people all the time, and I think that has something to do with not having a teacher to tell them what is right or wrong to do, and how to respect others.

    On the other hand, you sound like a wonderful parent, so the case with my cousin could just be how she was brought up. It's up to you, but I'm more persuaded by public schools.

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