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Indians : Why Indian parents are becoming as a villains when their son/daughter fallen in love?

Love is a sweet chocolate when they were a children to their parents.. Love is a bitter medicine when they becomes as a parents.. What philosophy behind this??

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    Kids start 'feeling' that villain in the parents right from kid-age. Parents compel them

    a)to go to school, when they LOVE to play.

    or, b)ask them to wake up, when they LOVE to sleep more

    c)ask them to study, when that comics/story books is what they LOVE,

    ... and so on....

    when "love"(itself) takes over(their children), parents are now really scared.... it is but natural... so they (parents) try to keep their children a bit away from the very source of this love.


    Please see, love has to be a consequence and not the purpose. Only then love becomes a capability, not just a 'fallen' love!

    Evolved people love their work so much that they do not need another pastime now. They are never tired mentally. Evolved people are capable of loving every one around unconditionally. Pure love is unconditional, not adamant and restrictive around just one person.

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    8 years ago

    Love relations are like taboo in Indian society.Our teachings and history has always been against this.In some cases parents want their children to follow their tradition and culture,therefore having relations with another caste person is considered bad.Some cases parents just don't want their daughters(in most cases) to fall in dirty traps or lose their ethics by going out with a wrong person.This is also seen as a shameful act in many societies.Of course there could be many more reasons behind,but these are some common symptoms

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    Love is different to different people. Most of the Indian parents think that love is a meaningless ****. They think the person they decide with whom you should spend your whole life is the one with whom you should fall in love. This is all because they are scared. Apparently, It's really frustrating. Making your parents believe that love has some meaning by giving some real life instances could actually cure them.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Its philosophy of caring , fear of Future , fear of society etc . its natural for all parents . because they doesn't like their children's to suffer like them , its just precautionary steps they taking . also caste plays major role in that . if they don't easily accept that their prestige wont allow that ..

    Parents thinks that their sons/daughters are not matured to choose their partner for themselves , its totally wrong . they still see their children's as child and thinks they don't know anything , this mentally should dropped , that's why there is always a cold war breaks in many families when it comes to love matters .

    But nowadays i think that has gone , now many parents are accepting love irrespective of caste . only they see was sound finance of boy , if that is ok then they wont reject . only few parents are exceptional to that... lastly lovers should also think from their parents perspective . they should choose right partner in which their parents should green light without no valid point to refusing their love ..

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  • I have been told by my parents to not look for any girl during my six year studies at abroad. And I am simply following whatever they told me. I don't consider them villain as our family is a traditional Indian family which doesn't easily accept love marriages. Though I don't completely agree with such tradition, I do respect my family's views.

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    Parents who them self lack love in their relationship behave as villain in love relationship but parents who knows the meaning of love will never by pass their children love ...Even if they see that their child choice is not up to mark they will try to handle this case intelligently .

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    Absolutely they think!!!

    see 90% loves are fail and ends in very bad things like sucide, family struggles, bad effects on study and psycologically you are mentally unfit in these days

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    bcoz they feel that they may lost us if they allow us to love.We may get out of our parents hands if they allow. Thats y they keep us away frm this LOVE

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  • Mukund
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    8 years ago

    my parents are not villains they gave me complete freedom ----->in whatever i did ---->to love ,travel alone ,etc

    but i chose to marry the girl of my mom's choice ----->coz i had failed in love once in high school ---->and didn't want to go through the pain once again + i wanted them to feel involved by selecting their own bahu+ i didn't want them to blame me in future ,if my wife did anything wrong

    good luck

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    Becoz, they doubt the "Character of Lovers".......

    If this girl loves/shares time with my son now, then why not she might have been in love with someone else before.....???

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