Anyone else having problems...?

With Y!A? I have found over 300 emails from my Y!A contacts. Most everything I open states "so and so has a question"... and the questions is this: ?

That's it. Half of them are already resolved questions. Is there some clean up or maintenance going on w/Yahoo? This is not fun. Any suggestions to make this stop? What a pain. Dedicate a song about frustration. Thanks all. Some days I cannot help but say:

What the Hell is Going On - Elvin Bishop

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(((Mark))) hello sweetie! So very nice to see you dad. Yeah...this is a real pain but I'll deal w/it. Great song (as always).

*Bad Company: You don't know me (and I don't complain) yet you insult me. Real nice...

Rock Metal...thanks for letting me know it's not just me. Great AC/DC tune!

(((Kelly))) ah, my voice of reason. Thanks for your input and not letting me think I was the only one suffering w/this crap. Glad you like my song. Love yours as well doll.

Carver: My thanks girl. Yeah, cleaning up those email was a chore but I got thru it :)

(((Cheetah))) another voice of reason. Good point in that I should shut those features off. Great Kinks tune also!

(((Lep))) ah, Lep. Yeah, w/this glitch I will probably have to turn those off. My thanks sir.

Update 2:

(((Trixie))) my thanks doll. Your wit & humor made my morning. LOVE the link!

Update 3:

*Special, like Bad Company? Can please just go away....

Update 4:

(((Dave))) hello my honey! I certainly do understand your frustration. A real pain, right? Here's my biggest (((H-U-G))) for you. Hope it helps my friend and thanks for answering this. Love seeing you ;)

Update 5:

**EDIT: Bad Company. I'm sorry. After re-reading your question, I see what you were saying. I read it a different way (definately need coffee in the am). My sincerest apology to YOU. Cool?

Update 6:

(((BINER))) So glad no trouble for you hon. And you doses of hugs, kisses & love? ALWAYS WELCOME!! LOL on the "stash"...we'll keep looking XD <3 my sweetheart!

(((Harvey))) Hey now newlywed! Yeah, that feature has got to be laid to rest. Nice song hon.

(((Lady Rose...))) Yes. There are quite a few new Q's as well as duplicated and resolved q's poppin up in my inbox. Your song choice says it all...nice one!

(((Jimmy))) hi hon. I did turn that feature off. Let's see how well it "works". LOL Great song too!

Update 7:

(((Beatle))) hello my darlin! Had a good weekend (not NY team wise) and LOVE the Elvis! You f*n rock sweetstuff ;)

Update 8:

(((Birdy))) thanks doll. Appreciate the answer and...Elvis!

Update 9:

(((Bodacious))) hello hon! Yeah, I turned it off but still get some emails. Not as many though. Diggin the George choice :)

(((Mrs H))) Exactly! But you had over 400? UGH! Love the Who tune.

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