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Could my mom force me into staying at a psych ward for a few days?

I'm 16 btw and well, I've started cutting but I only do it when I'm extremely depressed and upset. I have Depression,OCD,Social anxiety and I think that's it...

I cut,purge and I have suicidal thoughts a lot.

The other night my mom saw the cuts on my leg that I did four or five weeks ago and she called someone the other day,I don't think it was my physcologist but I dunno, my mom said about an hour ago that if I ever wanted to talk to anyone that I could at the hospital and or stay at a psych ward. I'm just worried that she's going to force me to. Can they force you to stay in the one at the hospital?

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    First, cutting doesn't help with ****, it just makes you have to wear sleeved shirts or people will notice and ask you about it. When you want to cut, or have the urge to do it think of how stupid you would look in front of your best friend.

    Do you have these thoughts as a cry for attention or do you really plan on hurting yourself? Is the question you need to ask. If its JUST a cry for help, then go get help. Go to a therapist or counselor, and stop scaring the **** out of your mom isn't the way to do it. If its not a cry for help and you really plan on doing this, get off yahoo and go to the mental ward, its seriously not as bad as everybody says. You can get your head on straight and actually have a shot at a happy life if nothing else.

    I believe that your mom could force it upon you because you're under age 18, but there might be some crazy legal loophole where you live. Like I said though if you're really having those thoughts, then go to the ward its worth it in the end right?

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    Hey. I'm Adrián. Also sixteen. Well, I live in S.A. And one of my friend's also cut herself. Her mom then put her in the Psych ward. I think that she didn't want to go, and her mom forced her so I guess they can force you. I hope this helps. Oh. And if you want to be my friend email me I can listen to any problem you may want to talk about. If you don't want to it's also fine I'm just here to help. Hope it helped. Best of luck. Adrián

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    im not sure because of your age and depends where in the world you are but I believe the doctors can hold you in a psychiatric ward against your will, if they believe your are unsafe, at risk of harming yourself and/or others. and that is all.

    otherwise its completely up to you. although if you admit yourself, and they decide you need to stay longer than you wanted, they can keep you there.

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    Yes mom can if your under 16. Or if you aren't capable of taking care of yourself she can at any age.

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