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Is there "Du Hast" track in GH6?

I want to get Guitar hero 6: Warriors if rock and i wonder if there is Rammstein Du Hast song. I really like that song and it would be cool if there was one. I saw other Rammstein songs but there were no du hast.

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    Du Hast is in Guitar Hero 5. Guitar Hero 6 has Waidmanns heil, another Rammstein song. In my opinion, Waidmanns Heil is way better than du hast, so if you like du hast, you'll love Waidmanns Heil. So get GH 5 if you want, and get GH 6 for something new. Or, if you have the PSN or XBOX live, you can spend a little bit of money to migrate your GH5 songs into GH6.

    Here's Waidmanns Heil.

    Youtube thumbnail

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