what is the meaning of (operative)?

i would like to know the meaning of the quot (operative) im just confused to what i found on my ex girlfriends wall post on facebook. here is what was said so it give you a good idea what im talking about,iv changed the names for legal reason's...

ex girfriend

Totally whacked out tired bein the operative word!! :)

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FRIEND: hi shithead

12 hours ago

FRIEND: nows the time to party ??x

12 hours ago

plus she is 6 months pregnant and we have not spoken in like 3 months.i did post here a while ago but i thought i would go in more detail..please help thanks

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    It means that's the gist of it, the point, the important thing she is trying to communicate. In other words, "Totally whacked out tired" is the most important information about her mood or condition.

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