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fitness for......


fitness for practice

fitness for award

fitness for purpose



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    Fitness for Practice: 足以勝任執業的能力

    Fitness for Purpose: 足以達成預設的教育目標

    Fitness for Award: 足以達到學位頒發的要求


    所謂 「足以勝任執業的能力」 Fitness for Practice 就是說,「訓練必須能讓學員將來執業時,有能力做到安全、又有效率。」

    而 Fitness for Purpose 「足以達成預設的教育目標」 是說,學員教育的目標設定為: 1. 為高水平健康事業奉獻 2. 全心專注在卓越的診療 3. 安全有效率地滿足社會對健康事業不斷變化的需求。那學員的訓練則 「必須要達成這些預設的目標」。

    最後,學員訓練必須循序,能讓學員訓練後得到學位或證件的頒發,這就是所謂的 Fitness for Award 「足以達到學位的要求」。


    Fitness for Practice: to be able to demonstrate that level of competence required for the safe and effective practice of (nursing)

    Fitness for Purpose: contributing to a high-quality health service, committed to clinical excellence and responding safely and effectively to the changing health needs of society.

    Fitness for Award: to ensure that the pace and level of study are such that the outcome merits the appropriate academic award.

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