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工作至今19年服務過許多的行業,有便利商店.加油站.電子線上作業員.餐廳服務生.麥當勞.電影售票員.粗工.旅行社外務.旅行社業務等,而服務最長的就是前一工作,在這10年間從Modem最高峰時的硬體組裝維修到Modem driver測試與作業系統的相容測試,而在可單獨完成Modem所有相關測試後同時也積極要求學習Audio的相關測試,在這期間負責測試的包括有IBM HP DELL MSIGIGABYTE FUJITSU TOSHIBA ACER ASUS LENOVO SONY 等Quanta 與Compal (ODM) 廠商,也因需負責各家廠商的重要性公司也安排我參與 AudioPerformance (AP) 課程與AP 軟硬體架設培訓,在公司服務10年中認識了不同領域的人,也因為這樣,我結交了不少朋友,不管是不同單位的同事以及志同道合的朋友,或是各種廠商,大家都可以很愉快的分享各種經驗,相互學習幫助,而當在無預警朝資遣後同事們卻個個依依不捨且為我安排歡送餐會足足一個禮拜,讓我感覺到很意外,不知是工作態度的趨使還是相處融洽也有可能是時間的關係,最後希望藉這10年來所學得的工作方法及經驗用於未來的工作上,且能幫助貴公司產品的專業性及可靠度!

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    The work 19 years has served many professions until now, have the Convenience store. Gas station. Electron on-line operator. Dining room server. MacDonald. Movie ticket seller. Unskilled labor. Travel agency foreign affairs. Travel agency service and so on, but serves long is the preceding work, services during this 10 years from the Modem high point's time hardware assembly to Modem the driver test and the work system's accommodating test, but after may complete Modem all dependence tests alone simultaneously also the active demand studies Audio the dependence test, in this period is responsible to test includes Quanta and Compal and so on IBM HP DELL MSIGIGABYTE FUJITSU TOSHIBA ACER ASUS LENOVO SONY the (ODM) manufacturer, because must be responsible for various manufacturer the important company also arrange me to participate in AudioPerformance the (AP) curriculum and the AP soft hardware erects training, in the company served in 10 years to know the different domain person, also because of like this, I has become friends with many friends, no matter is the friend who the different unit's colleagues as well as have a common goal, perhaps each kind of manufacturer, everybody may very happy share each kind of experience, study the help mutually, but when after not having the early warning dynasty discharges with severance pay the colleagues actually to be reluctant to part, and will arrange for me to see off meal an enough week, will let me feel will be very accidental, did not know that will be the work hastens causes or is together harmoniously also has the possibility is the time relations, finally hoped affiliation this for 10 years will study the method of work and the experience will use in future work, and can help your firm productSpecialization and reliability!

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