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Do you think I should tell her how I feel?

met a girl on a dating site we talked for about a month and we then met and played miniature golf and had a great time. i asked her on a date and she said yes

well a couple of weeks went by and our schedules didnt match but we are meeting this weekend

she told me...i know you want to go on a date, i met someone a couple of weeks ago, so we can still get to know each other but itd have to be as a friends

im still interested in her and like her..her and the guy arent i feel like i could still have a shot...i really like her and dont want to just let her go...i mean she has to be interested in me a bit since she agreed to a date...i also know i waited to long to meet her but i was just nervous she woudl think i was taking it to fast..i screwed up there

so i was thinking i should tell her how i feel saturday night...something along the lines of "i'm interested in you. I've enjoyed getting to know you and the times we have met, I have had a lot of fun, and i know you said you met a guy but i would really like to take out to dinner"

1)should i say that to her?

2)how should i act when we are hanging out?

3)anything else i should say?

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    1) yes

    If you never say anything, you'll never know her answer, you'll be regretting it all your life.

    Plus dude...i never believed this quote, but it is really the truth

    there are plenty of fish in the sea

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