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When was the "cultural peak" of Chicago?

Specifically which decade, I know this is a little abstract but I'm writing an easy and I would like to reference the "hotbed" "counterculture" sort of feel. Think mobs, Sinatra, ect.

thank you

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    What is an "easy?" You mean "essay?"

    There has never been a cultural peak in Chicago. Culture is subjective, and an arbitrary date for a cultural peak is ridiculous.

    I have no idea what you ar talking about the counterculture. The counterculture of the late 1960's was NEVER embraced by many mainstream people -only professional radicals , screwballs, and publicity seekers.

    By the way, Sinatra did not live in Chicago; although he did perform in various Chicago venurs from time to time.

    The mobs were players in some of the politics and corruption of the city. If you are interested in the mobs, they were probably strongest during Prohibition. They clearly influenced and bribed the city government and police.

    Source(s): Lived here most of my life.
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    Have no clue what you mean by "hotbed." The "counterculture" and mobs are not the same thing either. The mobs were not a counter culture. They had a strong influence in the shaping of politcs and law enforment during prohibition.

    "Counterculture" to be refers to groups which challenge the normal. Beatniks of the 50's, Hippies of the 60's, the punk movement of the 80's, etc.

    All cities have counterculture, nothing unique about Chicago here. Also, Chicago has always been a melting pot of immigrants/religions/races producing a wide variety of culture.

    To my knowledge, there has not, nor will there ever be a "cultural peak of Chicago." Not even sure what by that you mean; considering there are so many elements which define culture.

    Source(s): Chicago metro resident for 32 years
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    Chicago has had many culturally significant events over the years. From my view point Chicago is at a cultural high point right now and I expect Chicago to continue in an uptrend for decades to come. Just look back over the history of Chicago and choose the events in that history which have been the most culturally significant. Every 10 or 20 years the city goes through major changes which always seem to leave Chicago renewed and improved in many ways, including culturally. I suggestion you read about Chicago and the cultural will come into perspective.

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