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the best way to achieve maximum definition?

I already have enough muscle, i just wanna know the most efficient way to achieve maximum definition. how many times a week should i weight train, how many times a week should i do cardio(long distance or interval) how often should i do resistence training.) does anyone know of any good websites which are free and help break this down?

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    From the prevalence and natural fresh foods, limiting heavy sauces, fried foods, sweets, salt and white sugar, sausages, alcohol, sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, potato chips and salty snacks varied, and sugary fizzy drinks, peanuts / peanut and the like.

    It 'important to 5 small meals a day instead of large binges 2 times a day. Never skip breakfast.

    The feeding schedule can be so kind: breakfast of simple and complex carbohydrates (bread, rusks, wholemeal biscuits or cereal flakes), milk or yogurt and fruit. Lunch will be single-pan based on complex carbohydrates (pasta, rice, dumplings, potatoes) or legumes. The dinner, protein-based (range from red meat, white fish, eggs and low-fat cheese). Both lunch and dinner should contain a good amount of vegetables.

    Prefer bread, pasta and whole grains.

    Give priority to fruit and vegetables in season.

    Drink plenty of water out of the main meals ..... all I know ..; /

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