Is Tampa, FL a good place to live?

I'm applying to colleges next year and was wondering if Tampa is a nice place to live? Are there a lot of really big moths and spiders? Please tell me all you know! Thanks :)

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    9 years ago
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    well, u.s.f. is not an ivey league but its a good school and they have a good football brother graduated from there with a degree in civil/environmental engineering.i also have alot of friends that graduated from there.i just had one friend graduate in public relations at age 39.she finally finished her degree and got a job at tampa general hospital.the school is spread out and has lots of new facilities including's a large campus,you will get alot of exercise getting around on your bike which is a good thing.the city is a clean city.its not much into tourist things.its more of a working city and college.we have busch gardens,adventure lsland,aquarium,zoo,perfoming arts and museums.home of the bucs football,yankees spring training camp and the lightning hockey.cruiseships leave from the port of tampa in downtown,dinner cruises too,the city has alot of clubs and bars that alot of young people go to,of course.we are located on the tampa bay.this city is very spread out.we do have a nice downtown and people do live there.donald trump built two twin condos down there.the city is on the bay and next to a river.we are located 1 hr from orlando,2 hrs from cocoa beach,5 hrs from miami.8 hrs driving to key west or less time if you take the ft myers ferry.35 minutes from clearwater beach,st pete and the rest of the bay area beach communities.1 hr from bradenton beach,ana maria island,1 1/2 from sarasota home of ringling museum of art.sarasota is a beautiful city on the gulf of mexico.celebrities have homes here.the water is really pretty.this is a very long state there alot more cities and beaches to visit.i could go on.tampa does have cold weather in the winter off and on.right now we got a freak cool front.its a nice fall surprise with low eighties,no humidity and 60 at night this weekend.the sky is very blue.great beach weather.we also have alot of festivals especially in the fall and winter.the two well know parades and festivals are the gasperilla ,guavaween.other locations in thebay area have festivals all the time during the fall and winter for the most part.check out

    moths and spiders?yes we do.i rarely see any around though at my house.

    mosqitos of course during the summer months.the chilly winter here in tampa kills them off.

    we have a problem with love bugs during love bug hit them with your car.April-May and August-September

    Source(s): I live in Tampa Florida
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    4 years ago

    Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Seffner, Lutz. We live in Town N Country, Tampa, FL, west side. Great parks on the Northeast side, Lettuce Lake and Wild wood. Hillsborough County Park, you can canoe there and see the gators close up. I have been quite a few times but my fiance will not go again due to the 6 ft gator swimming under our canoe. He did not like that much. Ybor city is the nightlife strip if you are a partier but always go with others. Channelside is fun and much nicer. Fishing piers are open 24 hours in some places. Busch Gardens and Adventure Island is here. Beach is only an hour away. Multi cultured city with alot of history. Lazer Tag, Bowling, Putt putt, festivals, and oh yes, GASPARILLA!!! Pirates invade Tampa in Febuary, State fair is in Febuary, Strawberry festival is in March in Plant City. You are only an hour away from Orlando. Anyway, welcome.

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    9 years ago

    I li-ve in Jacksonville -Fl have most of my life.I grew up here moved away- --and- moved -back.Florida in general is a decent place to live.I have visited Tampa and I liked it very much.They have some really great beaches in the area -and also lots to do and see.

    EDIT: But the heat is really unbearable in the summer.

    If you think you can live with that then move here.

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    9 years ago

    Tampa is a great place to live....if your a mosquito.

    Source(s): Conan O'Brian
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  • NHK
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    9 years ago

    Florida within itself is really weird. The weather makes no sense, which makes a lot of the people make no sense.

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