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Why do people say that the edge of africa matches the edge of south america and that proves plate tectnonics?

1. If 2 continents drifted apart thousnds of miles, why would the shape still match. That's absurd.

2. Since florida looks like a penis, why isn't there a matching vagina somewhere south of it?

3. Why don't any other continents have jig-saw puzzle mating surfaces

4. Why can't it just be a coincidence?

5. If you rip apart anything in water, there would be so much erosion, turmoil, etc, anyone with a brain would know the shapes wouldn't match millions of years later.

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    1. The trailing edge of a moving plate shouldn't change much.

    2. Florida is a small and temporary land area; with a bit higher sea level it wold be completely submerged.

    3. They do. Look at Antarctica, Australia, and India.

    4. Scientists can't settle for "just a coincidence) any more than any other investigator can.

    5. A question of scale. Slow movements of large sheets. Look at tie Rift Valley of Africa and follow it north to the Red Sea. This is an evolving spreading boundary and isn't flooded yet, and won't be until it gets larger.

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