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HELP!! What would you name this puppy?

so im getting a bernese mountain dog puppy from a breeder.... yayy!

but.... i have no clue for names!

in case you have no clue what itll will look like :

puppy stage -

adult stage -


please help. male or female (we didnt decide yet)


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    Great choice! My friend loves Berners. :)

    Male or Female is really a personal choice. I prefer male dogs because I don't like having to deal with their first heat before getting them spayed. (Of course you can get them spayed before hand, but I prefer to wait until after they've at least had their first heat.) And I think there's a slight personality difference in female vs. male dogs if they're not fixed due to hormones. Like most unspayed female dogs I've met have been really independent and sort of 'self-centered' almost, haha. While males, from my experience, are more affectionate and want to be around you more which I like. Of course i think it pretty much evens out if the dog is fixed. I haven't noticed a huge difference in behavior from unneutered to neutered male dogs, but I've noticed a difference in spayed vs. unspayed female dogs. And of course some people don't like male dogs because they're uncomfortable seeing their 'boy-parts', and if they're not fixed then, depending on the dog, you might have to deal with a lot of marking (peeing on everything) and humping. I never had to deal with that with any male dog I've lived with, except during the 5-7 or so month old period where they're really hormonal. Which is why I'm getting my Golden Retriever neutered at 6 months to avoid that entire situation, haha. But my parent's dog isn't neutered and he only went through a humping stage at about 5 or 6 months old and then it was done with and never revisited and he's never had a problem with marking.

    So it all depends on the individual dog, and so it kind of depends on your own personal preference.

    As for names, I like;

    Ezra (boy)

    Ezekiel /"Zeke" for short (boy)

    Eli (boy)

    Ellis (boy or girl)

    Elliot (boy)

    Liam (boy)

    Edgar / "Ed" or "Eddie" (boy)

    Charlie (boy or girl)

    Luna / "Lu" (girl)

    Edan / "Edie" (girl)

    Chamber (boy or girl)

    Chemistry/ "Chem" for short (boy or girl)

    Amrit (boy)

    Amos (boy)

    Peter / "Pete" or "Petie" (boy) [[I had Rottweiler with the name Peter. c: ]]

    Tobias / "Toby"

    Amarien / "Amari" (girl)

    Clyde (boy)

    Quila (girl)

    Sora (boy or girl) [it means "Sky" in Japanese]

    Cloud (boy)

    Celeste (girl)

    Jupiter (boy or girl)

    Bailey (boy or girl)

    Kirby (boy or girl)

    Sassy (girl)

    LuLu (girl)

    Bear (boy or girl)

    Beowulf (boy)

    Bartholomeu / "Bart" (boy)

    Benjamin / "Ben", "Benny", or "Benji" (boy)

    Scout (boy)

    Hook (boy)

    Ranger (boy)

    Monroe (boy)

    Cash (boy)

    Maija/Maya/Mya (girl)

    Lily (girl)

    Ellie / "Elle"(girl)

    Fallih [pronounced fall-ee] (girl)

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    Kobe is an extremely fantastic call for a canine. I dont particularly like brix. Its kinda boring and boring. yet kobe is an wonderful call. another thrilling names could be; Nick Fido Shakespeare Cooper Dalton Nate Fester Tippy desire i helped, Darion

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    Boy: Bert, Mumford, Zues, Charlie, Rex, Rosswell, Ollie

    Girl: Sophia, Sadie, Charlotte, Rosie, Nora

    Thats just what i'd name him or her :)

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    Marlo seems like a suitable name :)

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    good afternoon minnie bonnie linda alicia sergio,zorro,luther, benji bye enjoy your day

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    Here are some off the top of my head:






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    busby berkley

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