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Hong Kong Universities?

which is the best universities in hong kong...

i just want to know only 5 to 10 universities?

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    Hong Kong has a best Degree Program in its own way.Hong Kong is the country which mainly concentrates in the language of English because English is the medium of instruction for most of their courses. Hong Kong is that country which offers crash courses in Chinese language so that foreign students can make the most of their stay. This University Is mainly emphasizes on the student’s development that how they secure their Goal for future life.

    Below are the best universities in Hong Kong

    University of Hong Kong

    Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

    City University of Hong Kong

    Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Hong Kong Baptist University

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    Hong Kong University is the first in Hong Kong and also first in Asia. This is because they have excellent programs in Bachelor programs like Business and Law, Medicine.

    Chinese University and University of Science and Technology (UST) would come very closely with one another. Chinese University is an older university, they also have very medicine program.

    UST is growing very quickly recently as they are doing very good with programs like accounting and global business.

    Polytechnic University is behind the top 3. They have very good hospitality and design programs.

    The other universities according to ranks are: Hong Kong City University, Hong Kong Open University, Hong Kong Baptist and Ling Nan University. The Hong Kong Institute of Education is a university that specializes in education. Lastly, there is the Hong Kong Shue Yan University which is recently converted from a college to a university.

    Source(s): Myself having lived in Hong Kong many years and detailed research into different universities for my undergraduate program.
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    Hong Kong has much to offer for you as a customer, if you are coming here on business or for delight Hong Kong always features a area for you and with Hotelbye you will make it occur the visit to this city. Hong Kong is really a city of charm. The complexity of an global town, social selection and multicultural lifestyle have reached ab muscles primary of Hong Kong's attractions. The Peak is one of the most used attractions in Hong Kong although not the only real one. The Giant Buddha, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Ocean Park are just some of the beauties of Hong Kong.

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    The best one is University of Hong Kong, ranked no. 22 in the world and no. 1 in Asia 2011. The best ones in Hong Kong with their ranking in Asia 2011 are:

    University of Hong Kong - no. 1

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong - no. 2

    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - no. 4

    City University of Hong Kong - no. 18

    Hong Kong Polytechnic University - no. 38

    Hong Kong Baptist University - no. 73

    4 other universities are:


    Shue Yan

    The Open University of Hong Kong

    The Hong Kong Institute of Education

    Source(s): ll
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  • here are the ones i found:

    University of hong kong

    Hong Kong Shue Yan University

    Chu Hai College of Higher Education

    Hang Seng Management College

    Tung Wah College

    Caritas Institute of Higher Education

    Source(s): wikipedia and google
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    i think of you're fairly stable, looking on your A-point mix needless to say and how many A-point A*s you acquire. you may ought to follow as a non-JUPAS student (seem it up on the respective admissions web content of the colleges). Literature is a miles less familiar difficulty here by way of fact all of us is concentrated on company, medicine and regulation here in Hong Kong, whilst i comprehend various human beings analyzing economics. it could be ultimate in case you utilized to the final 3 universities here: HKU, CUHK, and HKUST. HKU and CUHK are traditionally nicely familiar, yet HKUST is catching up speedy and that i heard someplace that HKUST has have been given the international's #a million MBA or EMBA. yet you won't be ready to flow incorrect with any of those 3 universities.

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