I support our President Obama who inherited a terrible mess. Why do people blame him for all the ills...?

we now suffer? It is GREAT the people are now protesting on Wall Street and the bridges in NYC. It should have happened in the early 1980's when GREED took over as the national past time in our economy. How does this blame game help our present situation?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well, the hardcore republicans, the brainwashed tea-partiers and neocons have all been trying to destroy Obama ever since he even looked at running for president. It doesn't matter what he does, to them it's 10000% wrong.

    As for others, they believed his campaign of change, but expected too much of him. They didn't want a president. They wanted a magical fairy who could wave his magic wand and suddenly undo nearly a decade of horrible mistakes made by the previous administration. That's just not realistic, but it doesn't stop the above mentioned groups from screaming "See? I told you so!" at the top of their lungs. Never mind that much of the problems have been caused by so-called political leaders who have publicly decreed that their ONLY goal is to oppose everything Obama says and make sure he doesn't get re-elected.

    So, healthcare for first responders? Nope. Disaster funds for flooding and hurricane victims? No way! Jobs for Americans? Pssh...as if! The republicans feel that they must do everything in their power to stop Obama and if that means stopping the entire federal government, so be it.

    Oh and let's not forget the other stuff the republicans want to do, like cut unemployment benefits and social security. Yeah, because that's such a good idea to do, you know, in the middle of one of the nation's worst recessions and all. But fixing tax holes abused by the rich?!? That's totally unacceptable!

    I really don't understand the tea partiers. They're strictly against government spending for entitlement programs...but many of them are probably receiving medicare/medicaid. They're strictly against getting rid of Bush's tax cuts for the ultra-rich, but most of them have household gross incomes under $100,000/year. Do they seriously think that these people are going to honestly create more jobs? Honestly, it'd be like you or me finding a $5 bill on the sidewalk. We'd pick it up, stick it in our wallet, and forget about it. Meanwhile, that $5 bill to a homeless person means 2 or 3 hot meals. So who do you think would benefit from a modest tax cut?

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  • gia
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    3 years ago

    Are you asserting Obama is undeserving to be President? If he has no administration, he has no enterprise being in place of work. Bush hasn't been President for some 3 years. Obama hasn't bothered to handle any of the matters he blames Bush for. that is been 3 years of look-down-the-nostril speeches, partying, travelling, blaming different events, dividing the country, and inciting type conflict. Now he's all straight away the two attracted to activity advent and killing off jobs as a results of fact they at the instant are not green adequate. All this whilst he illegally invests our money into failed "green capability" ventures.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Obama is a radical leftist who is doing all the wrong things to help the American people. Higher taxes, more regulations, more red tape, more wasteful spending, higher debt, and just plain stupidity. He is a community organizer from Chicago. He has no idea how to lead or what to do except to try to change America into a clone of the old Soviet Union.

    Those of us who love the USA and our high standard of living and freedom will remove him from office in the next election.

    The misfits who are whining and complaining in New York will not be happy until the world becomes a single communist country. At that time they will be shot or imprisoned for daring to protest. But they are to stupid to realize that.

    I hope this helps to answer your question.

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  • Derail
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    9 years ago

    I understand your statement and view here. However, I'm afraid you have fallen for the Democrat propaganda. Obama is the first president in US history to continuously blame the previous administration for a situation he (Obama) cannot control.

    Please understand one basic (just one) difference in party values between Republicans and Democrats. Democrats believe the government can fix anything. This is why Obama is spending trillions of dollars to end the recession - unsuccessfully many will argue. The Republicans lean towards Reagan (R) in the 1980s recession. Regan said that government couldn't fix the problem because government WAS the problem. Reagan lowered taxes and reduced the size of government (to the dislike of Democrats). And the country rebounded once government got out of the way.

    Obama is slowly learning what many already know - government can't fix many things - the people can. So he blames other people for the nagging problems he cannot control. Not just blaming others for the recession, but many other problems too.

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