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Rexall or Shoppers Drug Mart ?

Which store is cheaper in Toronto Ontario... or better quality items... basically, which store is overall better than the other ?

(Im looking for bath oils, but that's pretty irrelevant to the subject) :P

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    Shoppers is a bigger chain for sure, and more trustworthy. Rexall Pharma Plus isn't a bad place to go though, I trust them also. Rexall, is a little bit cheaper and Shoppers is definitely overpriced. Although Shoppers is easier to find, because there are so many of them.

    Better quality items? - There are no real "better quality items" a drugstore/pharmacy is what it is. They sell naturally the same stuff. The prices are near the same.

    The difference is with Rexall, if you work for a certain company you may be able to swing 10% off. (i.e. Cineplex Odeon), with Shoppers you can rack up Optimum Points.


    Source(s): - I've bought things at both.
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    Rexall And Shoppers Drug Mart

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    Yes, they do! Did your doctor recommend you purchase it there? I'm asking this because if you were to buy it from an orthopedic store it would be better for your knee and it's injury in the long run. It would provide more of a custom fit and more support for your knee. Good luck and hope this helps!

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