What order to read Green Lantern books?

I want to get up to speed with the Green Lantern universe. I several books available on Green Lantern. So what books should I read and in what order.


I wanted to know what happened before DC Comics changed everything with 'the 52"

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  • 8 years ago
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    Just start with the #1 issues that came out within the last 30 days. Each issue contains enough background to take you forward.

    If you want more background, you can read any of the various trade paperbacks available. I usually recommend one containing the origins of the characters.


    "Flashpoint" is the story that initiates the change. It doesn't really seem to affect the Green Lantern series.

    You can start with the "Sinestro Corps War" and move forward from there (Green Lantern series 4 issue 20 ?). That should start you before all the other color spectrum Lantern Corps. You should be able to find all the stories in trade paperback form.

  • 8 years ago

    not to sound like a jerk but you can start with reading issue 1

    hope this helps

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