is there a way to lock individual slides on a google doc (powerpoint) presentation?

I am creating a Google doc presentation for a large number of school students to upload their personal photos to for an assembly slide show. the issue is that some students are bound to act immaturely and change/delete other people's photos. is there a way that each student can lock their slide once they have added their photos and only they and i (the admin) can edit them? i definitely want to use google docs to create the presentation, not any other program.

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  • 10 years ago
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    You also mention PowerPoint in addition to Google docs. Remember that Google and Microsoft are competitors, and that PowerPoint has nothing at all to do with Google.

    Both PowerPoint and Google docs offer free on-line storage and web applications. On both platforms you can set permissions on folders, so my answer will work for either Google or PowerPoint.

    Have each student make a folder in Google Docs, SkyDrive, or Teach them how to set permissions on the folder so that you (the teacher), and no one else but you can access the folder. Then instruct the students to save their pictures or slides to that folder. Have the students send the links to the folders to you, and you will then be able to access the content you desire.

    You might wish to consider allowing the students to make their own choice concerning the cloud storage service they use without dictatorially mandating one or another. Without explaining the differences among the three offerings, you are short-changing your students. It should make no difference to you which one any student chooses unless you're getting a kickback from Google, in which case you should be fired.

    This way your students learn how to safely share content using a cloud storage service such as Google Docs, SkyDrive, or

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    5 years ago

    when copying from excel: paste special and then paste the file as a windows metafile when copying from another powerpoint slide: select all on the slide you want to copy and then go to the slide you want to copy to and paste. Titles to the left side: On the tool bar there should be a text box tool. Click on that and create a text box on the left side of the slide. If you need to change the orientation of the text, select the text, right click, go to properties, got to alignment and change the position of the text.

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    10 years ago

    No there is not.

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