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Anonymous asked in 科學及數學數學 · 9 years ago

john Hajnal and David Glass

what is the different between this two demographer mathematics david glass and john hajnal PLZ REPLY IN ENGLISH

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  • 9 years ago
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    David Victor Glass was an English demographer, a sociologist. His research is mainly focus on Britain's society. In 1936 Glass published The Struggle for Population, presenting research undertaken for the Eugenics Society. The Society was concerned about Britain's low birth rate and wanted evidence on the pronatalist measures taken in some European countries.In 1946, in work for the Royal Commission on Population, Glass conducted a Family Census, based on a ten percent sample of ever-married women in Great Britain. Dates of birth of the respondents' live-born children were recorded, enabling a detailed examination of family building. In their report, Glass and Grebenik presented what may well be the earliest attempt to model fertility.

    Glass was influential in bringing about Britain's first national survey of birth control practice (1946–1947), a study sponsored by the Royal Commission.

    Hajnal is best known for identifying, in a landmark 1965 paper at LSE the historical pattern of marriage of northwest Europe in which people married late and many adults remained single. The geographical boundary of this unusual marriage pattern is now known as the Hajnal line.

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