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15點~自己翻譯的英翻中 part2不要翻譯機








aside:It suddenly started to shower,a man come close to their front of the stall.

He said:I want to buy a straw hat,but I don't have money with me right now,

Can I pay back the money to you after?

aside:Brothers glimpse each other and reluctantly give him a straw hat.

aside:Passed for two days,they received a letter,mother open the letters and be surprised to say.

mother:Who sent the letter to us?There is a check of million.

aside:In fact,the man who baught a staw hats is the owner of that stall.

aside:Brother gladly take their monther to take a doctor.

我翻了好久 所以也不要yahoo google翻譯機

希望有高手看看有沒有錯 或是有更好的翻譯



說錯了 是自己的中翻英

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    Narrator :It started to rain all of a sudden ,a man approach the front of their stall .

    He said:I want to buy a straw hat,but I don't have money with me right now,

    Can I pay you back after?

    Narrator:The brothers took a look at each other and reluctantly give the man a straw hat.

    Narrator:Two days later, a letter came, their mother open the envelope and said in suprise.

    Mother:Who sent this to us? There is a check of a million dollars in it.


    Narrator:It turned out the man who bought the straw hat is the owner of all the stalls.

    Narrator: The borthers were happy that they can take their mother to see a doctor now.


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    應該是:can I pay you back later. 不是after.

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    The sky suddenly began a heavy rain, a man who goes in front of the booth brothers

    He said: I want to buy a straw hat, but now had no money with me, can you later pay back the money to you?

    Narrator: brother both took one look at each other's eyes, has no choice but to take a straw hat to him.

    PS: after 2 days, they had received a letter. mother opened the surprise said

    Mother: this is who sent us? there are 1 million cheque.Narrator: now there was a man in the Bazaar to buy straw hats are the master piece of the BazaarNarration: the two brothers are pleased with the mother to the doctor

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