Should I buy this 2005 pontiac g6 GT?

2005 g6 GT. 127000 miles. Slap shift. Loaded. Sun roof. In good shape. No problems. Rebuilt title supposedly was light damage & only had fender & head light replaced. 4000$. Do you think this is worth it and should I get it? Thx

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  • 9 years ago
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    get it cheaper if you can

  • banga
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    4 years ago

    think of you may desire to supply us slightly extra information on the subject of the motor vehicle? Mileage might help, or in case you have have been given a hyperlink to a internet site (if it somewhat is being offered by using a broker). You did no longer supply us lots to paintings with. EDIT: properly, it somewhat is nearer. The miles are o.k.; virtually trouble-free. i might have nevertheless prefered an truthfully hyperlink, as a results of fact enormously lots all those different information have no bearing on the motor vehicle's properly worth, or they have been issues we already knew. Is the motor vehicle sparkling? i might assume it somewhat is. sounds like an o.k. deal.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    NO, any car over a 100,000 miles should be avoided because those cars are on the end of their life span

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