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Why is there no salary cap in the MLB?

Why doesn't Major League Baseball have a salary cap? It's unfair that the Yankees have the highest payroll and have won a quarter of all the World Series, and my hometown team, the A's, have the 28th largest payroll and have only won 4 World Series. Hell it's not fair that small-market teams aren't able to compete with the Yanks. In the NFL the salary cap allows teams like the Raiders and Steelers to be the best of the 70's and fall off in the 80's. The 49'ers to be the best of the 80's and then fall off. It allows a small market like Green Bay to be competitor. A salary cap would allow teams like the A's and Rays and other teams to be able to compete regularly. It allows parity because if it was the same way in the NFL the Giants would be the best, and in the NBA the Knicks would be the best. The no salary cap is what makes me not want to follow baseball because it's always going to be the Yankees and the Red Sox with the A's needing a miracle to be considered competition.


@Fozzy 10 years ago it would have been a different story, 20 years as wells, and 30 years as well. In the 90's was it the Colts, Steelers, or Patriots? NO the thing I was saying is that with a salary cap a team can't be dominate for decades, and allows other teams to take that role, and there will always be that shitty little franchise in every single sport. Billy Beane is a genius, but when other use your tactics against you with a bigger payroll then you can't win.

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    Simply put - they don;t want one. The players don't want to limit their salaries, the large market teams don't want to be told to spend less, and the small market teams don't want to give up the luxury tax money they currently receive to field really pathetic teams with no intention of improving them.

    And why would you say that a salary cap promotes parity and then use the NBA and NFL as examples?

    The NBA has had THREE different teams win the championship since 1999. Where is the parity there when the Lakers, Spurs and Mavs are the only teams to win in 13 seasons?

    And where is the parity in the NFL? I will admit it's better than the NBA, but there are still teams that dominate year after year (Patriots, Colts, Steelers to name a few) and teams that have sucked for years and years (Lions for instance)

    In the meantime, baseball which is so incredibly unfair because teams like the Yankees spend more has had 9 different teams win the last 10 World Series. And among those have been teams like the Giants, D-backs and Marlins who are not by any stretch of the imagination big spenders.

    As for your A's not being able to compete, why can't they? From everything I read Billy Beane is a genius. Why can't he do what they did in Florida?

    But thank you for contributing to the fallacy that a salary cap would allow every team to be competitive. A cap does not in any way guarantee parity (as seen in the NBA and NFL) and the lack of one does not ensure a lack of that parity.

    Edit - thanks for the catch, Chaos. I was looking at a chart and only seeing one side of it (western conference). But I still think my argument holds true - still pretty sad that only 3 teams from the Western Conference have made the finals in the last 13 years. The East has some parity, but the numbers still pale when compared to the number of teams that have played in or won a WS over that same time.

    As for other teams being able to outspend the A's, I'll agree that most do. But there are 2 teams in the playoffs right now with lower payrolls than the A's. And of the nine teams with lower payrolls than the A's, five of them had better records this year. My point is that money is not the sole determining issue of a good ballclub. Hell, the Cubs had the 2nd highest payroll in the NL this season, and it didn't do much for them.

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    It works in the NFL because all of the teams have pretty much the same income. The TV deal is for the entire NFL and is split evenly between the teams. I'm not sure if jersey sales goes to the teams or the league splits that up as well. The only thing the team has control over is ticket sales, parking, and concessions.

    In baseball every team has their own TV network. The Yankees actually own theirs (YES). They have the highest ticket prices and sell the most memorabilia. Thus they can afford to pay the players the most. I often hear people say the other owners could pay but they chose to pocket their money. That may be true, after all they have million dollar mortgages to pay, but I'm sure the Steinbrenners are pocketing just as much and probably more than the owners of the A's and Rays.

    Another reason a salary cap won't work in baseball is that the Players Union is too strong and would never allow it. They'd be sure to go on strike to prevent a cap.

    Also where would you put the cap? If you put it at the Yankees payroll total, 95% of the other teams won't come close to that. About the only thing to do is to create a salary floor. Make teams spend at least a certain amount on payroll. Also, raise the luxury tax so more revenue sharing exists.

    edit @Fozzy: actually 6 teams have won NBA champsionships in the last 13 years. Miami, Detroit, and Boston all have one championship each.

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    Mlb Salary Cap

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    An NHL team is allowed to exceed the salary cap only for a short time during the off season. One of the conditions for exceeding the cap is a proposal to the league on how they will achieve the cap once the season begins. Since the league must approve all player signings and transactions, the league will perform a retrogression and disapprove actions in reverse until the team is back under the cap. Unlike other sports with soft caps the hard cap cannot be exceeded. For example The Philadelphia Flyers will be over the cap on July 1st. They will put forth a tentative plan of buying out a player and not activating Pronger from IR. On September 15th (or whenever the day of reckoning comes) that will happen whether they like it or not. Only those players with approved contracts will be allowed to play for the Flyers.

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    Because there's a luxury tax instead. The Yankees have only had the highest payroll since the late 90s, and most of their championships came before that.

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    Ah yes, the weekly question regarding a salary cap and the Yankees and small market teams.

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    How else would the Yankees hold the World Series record if they couldn't buy the best players?

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    Well the Rays figured it out somehow...maybe Billy Beane's not such a genius after all.

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    why are all the answers so dull and short these days?

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