Could Amanda Knox really be guilty?

I am an American, and I am very patriotic, don't get me wrong. But doesn't Amanda Knox come off as a little know something just doesn't seem right about her. Kinda like Casey Anthony? Could she really be evil and killed that British girl because she thought the Brit was moving in on her Harry Potter look-a-like boyfriend? What do you guys think?

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    The evidence suggests that she is guilty. People sometimes do horrible things for no good reason, maybe even things they would have never done, had the circumstances been different.

    The US media have created so much confusion. This is not a matter of being patriotic. Almost the totality of people, including innocent people, who are put to death in the US with much less the evidence they have in this case in Italy, are Americans... This is not Italy vs. United States; it is a trial against two suspects, one Italian and one American, by a justice system that guarantees the rights of defendants much more than the US system does, and which gives out much more lenient sentences than those given out in the US. (To give you a better idea, consider that a 16-year-old girl who killed her own mother and little brother in the most gruesome way got 16 years, and was out after 10; her being young and a user of cocaine was considered a mitigating factor; if Amanda's 26-year sentence is confirmed, she might be out of prison, I would say, in 6-12 years, considering she has already been in prison for 4; she might even spend some of the latter part of the sentence out during the day and in jail at night.) It is really unfortunate that in the US we don't know more about other legal systems.

    I should add: I just saw 20/20. That is NOT journalism. So many parts of their account were wrong and skewed in favor of Amanda Knox. Guede, for instance, is described as a "drifter," without saying that Amanda had befriended him, and that Raffaele, too, knew him. Also, the whole emphasis on the prosecutor having his career on the line is totally absurd: in Italy prosecutors are judges who don't run for election like in the US; they are state employees and no one can take away their job, until the retire, unless they commit a crime or something. In the interview with 20/20, Minnini even tried to say that the whole Satanic ritual hypothesis that was attributed to him was never something he said. Indeed, I read the document by which Amanda's and Raffaele's arrests were authorized and confirmed: there is no trace of Satanic hypotheses; the hypothesis back then was that of trying to get Meredith involved in a group sex act. Finally, it is not true that the "monster of Florence" was never found: three people were arrested and tried; for one, still guilty, there was a sort of mistrial and then he died of natural causes out of prison; another died in prison; and the third one is still in prison. It was Minnini's theory that the "monster" was indeed a group of people, and that theory was confirmed.

    Source(s): I know Italian law and have read several of the documents regarding this case and the related "monster of Florence" case.
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    Amanda Knox Is She Guilty

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    Could Amanda Knox really be guilty?

    I am an American, and I am very patriotic, don't get me wrong. But doesn't Amanda Knox come off as a little know something just doesn't seem right about her. Kinda like Casey Anthony? Could she really be evil and killed that British girl because she thought the Brit was...

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    Wow...I can't believe how many people will condemn someone without any more evidence than 'intuition' or perceived 'creepiness'. Don't you realize that you have your own karma to live with? In fact, there IS no evidence, as the mother of 3 daughters I can assure you that it is not legitimately unusual for a young girl of 20 to kiss her boyfriend during a traumatic event, a 20 year old girl feels like the whole world revolves around her relationship and you talk as if they were lifelong best friends (Meredeth and Amanda) reality they only knew each other for a month and a half or so, so while it's tragic and scary (for Amanda) it isn't the loss of a loved one. If it was as someone suggested that she was indifferent because she already knew what happened (to Meredith) then she would be scared to death of getting caught! No one from her entire life in the U.S. before she went to study in Italy has anything to say about her that even remotely resembles the monster created during this witch hunt. Do you really think she instantly became a satanic creature the minute her feet hit foreign soil? Statement drawn from hours or even days of physically and mentally abusive interrogation w/o food or water are always desperate and whack, that's not exclusive to Amanda. For some reason I am always shocked by how adamantly ignorant (most) people are.

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    Hey! Casey could kill a helpless 3 yr old, why would violent sex games be against Amanda Knox's morality? She was kissing outside the murder scene because she already knew what went on in there and didn't care. That's how she's exactly like Casey Anthony. Both have no conscience and no empathy for other people.

  • Im American too, and very patriotic as well, but if someone is guilty, they're guilty. It doesn't matter if they're from the US or anywhere else. After watching a documentary of Amanda Knox.. she seems very guilty to me. Yes she is creepy. She never even showed any sadness.. over her friends brutal murder. She changed her story several times, when someone is telling the truth.. there is no need to change their story. She also shows behavior of a sociopath. No empathy for another human life lost.

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    Being a millionaire means you can help your daughter get away with murder. Why does anyone even know about this? Ask her father who has spent millions of dollars campaigning, advertising and smearing the Italians in this. This girl is full of lies, but its all ok because she is a rich white girl from Seattle.

    She is guilty, got away with it and will make millions from her story, her lifetime movie, her first leaked porn tape and then her reality tv show. Well done morons. Read more.

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    One of the very first things she said to establish an alibi when she was caught was an outrageous lie.

    She falsely accused a man, Mumba Dia, whom she befriended and asked for directions when she lost her way in Rome.

    In police custody she accused him (married with kids) of following her home and raping and murdering Meredith.

    Her alibi was torn to shreds by eye wittness accounts and public records of him using public transportation in the city of Rome.

    Before his name was cleared Dia was crucified in the media. When his name was cleared he said, "I will never forgive Knox for what she has done to me and my family."

    Someone who is innocent would not do that to another person who is innocent.

    Ammanda Knox is Guilty.

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    She has already been found guilty once.

    So yes, she really could be guilty.

    Patriotism should not interfere with justice.

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    She's guilty as sin and she'll have to live with it for the rest of her life... regardless if she was just acquitted.

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