appealing back child support?

My husband was just ordered to pay back child support, in addition to current amount (it's quite a lot of money, but at least he has a decent job now. My problem is they awarded ex-girlfriend over 9K in back support, but he only made like 4K over those two years combined... He never showed them his tax returns/they never asked either (at the hearing). Can we appeal this? I tried contacting a lawyer, but due to obvious circumstances mentioned above, I can't afford. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have about 8 days left before 15 day period stated in the papers (to appeal) is over. Thanks!!


He went to the hearing couple weeks ago. They based the amount at the minimum wage 40 hrs a week for both current and past/back support. Florida goes back 24 months.

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    What did they base the child support on if they did not ask for two years of financial records. Did he even respond to the filing? Without more details, there is not way to answer this as it does not follow the normal means for establishing child support in the first place.


    Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents


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    File to appeal it and be prepared to show proof of how much your husband made. That said, he could have and should have filed for a change in the amount of support when he wasn't making as much money when the amount of the support was ordered. Good luck.

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    Contact the court and ask to speak to a family law facilitator

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    Yes i would appeal it and show them that he never made that much at the time. me and my ex just went through something similar. it kinda sounds like all she wants is more money now that he has a better job. its deffiantly worth trying. good luck

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    If they stated that you can appeal then yes you can appeal

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