Whats the Cause and Effect of the Alabama Immigration Law.?

Whats your thought on the causes and effects of the immigration law upheld wednesday?

How will this change the lives of illegals ?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The cause is the federal government's decision to ignore the issue while the individual states get stuck with the bill. Recall that the court challenge against Arizona was the first time when the federal government cited with a foreign nation (this being Mexico) against a US state. Not a good practice for the feds.

    From what I have read, illegals are now leaving Alabama in droves. My guess is that Alabama is not disappointed in turning this problem over to another state. Illegals should relocate to the eastern or western seaboard. This is where the liberals in control of the state will jump at the opportunity to ignore this issue.

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  • 3 years ago

    The AZ legislation is NOT the identical because the federal legislation. It creates a brand new authorized normal for police to give up and interrogate residents. For greater than a century the normal has been "fair motive to think". Only in Arizona is the normal decreased to whatever known as "fair suspicion." One situation is that no one fairly is aware of what that suggests. Is it fair to suspect any person simply considering that they are Hispanic? I wish now not. If that is what it manner then every other legislation can also be written to permit the police to trouble blue eyed humans, or black skinned humans or the ones with buzz haircuts, or the ones with tattoos or folks that put on camo. It does not have got to observe best to immigration. There is a practical worry that the police have now been granted an undefined and extensive energy.

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  • 8 years ago

    Cause is too many illegals. Effect is hopefully they will leave the country. They will no longer feel so safe now.

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