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Could I Possibly Have ADHD?

I think I might have ADHD. I'm a 13 year old girl, if that helps. One symptom of ADHD is having a hard time concentrating, well I do. It's really bad during school. I'll be listening to the teacher then my mind will drift off, and I'll start thinking of random stuff. Like what I'm gonna eat when I get home, or I'll be like, "Oh, so-and-so's shoes are cool." Or I'll start singing a song in my head. I'll have to stop myself and make me focus on the teacher or whatever I'm doing.

I always have to be doing something with my hands. I'm usually drumming my fingers on the desk, or biting my nails, or playing with my hair, spinning my pencil around between my fingers, clicking the top of a pen. I won't even acknowledge that I'm doing it until someone tells me to stop, and I'm like, "stop what?"

I'm also very energetic, mostly at school because school is very boring to me so I usually find something to do to entertain myself.

I talk really fast sometimes too. I don't know if that has to do with anything.

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    Yes, it sounds like you have it. Ignore the poster who buys into the conspiracy theory that ADD and ADHD were made up to sell drugs. If you get your medical information from actual medical and scientific sources, rather than what other conspiracy theorists are saying, you'll see that ADD and ADHD are very real.

    I have had ADD all my life. Even though I test in the top three percent on professionally-proctored IQ tests, I was unable to make it in the college and vocational school I attended. I was deeply resentful for many years because my parents blamed me for failing out of those schools, when I knew in my heart that I had tried my hardest. It was so bad I couldn't get through the first paragraph of a reading assignment--I'd start reading, but by the time I got to the end of the first paragraph, I realized my mind had started wandering after the first few words and I had no idea what my eyes had just tracked over.

    I didn't know about ADD, I just knew there was something wrong with me and was humiliated and ashamed about it. I withdrew from everything and developed social anxiety which turned into avoidant personality disorder. It wasn't until I was over age 40 that I finally got diagnosed with ADD. Unfortunately, medications aren't all that effective for me (probably because I got treated so late in life) and of course they do have potentially serious side effects. But many younger people are greatly helped by them.

    If I could have gotten treatment for my ADD and made it through college, my life would have been VERY different. So when I see someone spouting nonsense like that other answerer, saying ADD is made-up and used as an excuse to peddle drugs to parents who spoil their kids, it infuriates me to no end. Her kids will suffer for her ignorance if they have ADD.

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    No you don't have ADHD.

    Let me tell you something. ADHD isn't a proven illness. It all started in America, when the Americans were giving medication to children with no manners and discipline. Now they are struggling to wheen children off the medication because infact, all the medication does is slow the brain functions down.

    It sounds like you have the same problem I have in school. I can never keep focus on the teacher and often have to ask to repeat what they just said because I was daydreaming.

    What I do is have a pad with me, which let's me doodle while listening to he teacher and I find that I can now concentrate better. I often don't even look at the paper, I'm just looking at the teacher while my hand is doing all these random things.

    Give it a try.

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    Possibly. If you have trouble focusing, very forgetful, overlooking details, and easily distracted are some symptoms. If it's affecting your school work I would talk to your parents about it.

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    Probably, ADHD is extremely common.

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    I have adhd to and its hard to deal with

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    you could have adhd or add. OR , you could be just an average teenager these days.

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