Does This Guy Find Me To Be Good Looking Or Not?

I am confused. Did this guy find me to be good looking or not? We met about two weeks ago at the bus stop. We exchanged numbers and he said I was cute. We met again and kissed. Over the past few days we made plans to have a date for Thursday to have dinner and go dancing for 7pm. I was in Hollywood at 6:30pm and he asked me where was I ? He showed up and said we need to talk. He asked me what I am looking for? I told him a boyfriend. He said sorry that I am just not his type. He then asked me to take an HIV test with him. I did so and it came out negative. We went for a walk and after a while he finally kissed me(deep kissing). He said I was cute but not his type. He then kissed me again and again. He then asked if I'd have him over some time to my place.

I am confused-do you think he finds me to be good looking or not?

Well, I am confused. We met like 2 weeks ago. He saw that I was checking him out. He gave me his number. Like 5 days later he wanted to see me again and was excited. I met up with him and we went to his place. No sex..............Just hung out and kissed. Later this week we made plans to go on a date for last night. Our plans called for 7pm. He text me and like 6:20 asking where I was and he was just gonna go home. I said I am here. He showed up and said we need to talk. We went to a pizza shop. He asked what I am looking for and I said a boyfriend. He then said I am not his type. Said he also doesn't think I am being honest with him. Asked me if I would take an HIV test with him now. I said i like you, so yes. We went back to WEHO and we both took the test and we both came out negative. I said there you go. He told me a friend told him that I was positive. I then asked him if I was cute/good looking and he said no and laughed. Said work on yourself who cares if guys think you are cute or not. I said fine you do think I am ugly and walked away. He called me and said come back. He said the only reason he thought I was cute at the time was cause he was drunk and said kidding. He then kissed me with a deep kiss. Now he wont answer my text this morning. Not sure if he does find me attractive looking or not. I hate when guys do this to me and they all wonder why I think I am ugly.

Things like this happen to me often. I am wondering maybe if I am just not cute/good looking. I am good person with a good heart. I just want to feel cute/good looking.

He did finally text me this morning. I just feel maybe guys say I am not their type cause I have an ugly face? Just not sure cause I am told I am cute but then I wanna date guys they like sorry not my type. How does this make me feel? :(

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  • 9 years ago
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    You are getting wound up over nothing and it is time you accepted that you are your own man. It doesn't matter what others think of you as long as you can get a partner and we don't think you have any problems in that area. Tell the guy not to mess you about, if he wants a short term no strings attached relationship he must make that clear. Don't sell yourself short for the benefit of someone else. It is your decision who you share your body with P&P :-)

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