Eyefinity with Crossfire 6870. 3 VGA monitors?

Hi guys

I am planning to do eyefinity with 3 VGA 17" monitors I have. I have crossfire 6870 which support eyefinity but only have a DP, HDMI and 2xdvi connectors each.

What adapters do I need to buy and how would I hook them up?

Thanks guys

1 Answer

  • poplar
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    you may get pictures enjoying cards with 3 and four outputs yet you're conversing some extreme money, Crossfire is the cheap way around this. What it does is link the two enjoying cards, style of like a RAID setup in a stressful stress does, it basically tells the utility that the two enjoying cards are one mixed unit and that helps each and all the output ports for use. The eyefinity utility only pulls all this jointly and facilitates you to change the set up as though it have been one card exhibiting on different units. The mainboard should be Crossfire in a position as your board could have 2 slots for the enjoying cards yet no longer the training set to handle it, via fact the ATI utility and connecting bridge ribbon isn't all you opt for. you will additionally choose a PSU this is right for this set up, some enjoying cards require there own means connections, this in turn demands a effective PSU in the two watts and amps attainable. you're able to ideally choose some thing around 750w and ideally an 80+ qualified unit, and a gaming committed one besides because it ought to have (in many situations) the main suitable variety of connections. Of the three enjoying cards you checklist the 6950 is the extra effective value for money decision, the version in overall performance between the 6950 and the 6970 is definitely fairly small, the version in the cost isn't so small.

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