which buffing pad for swirl marks?

remove swirl marks from a black car which polish and pad is the best

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    For very light swirls, sometimes all you need is paint cleaner. Meguiar's has paint cleaners, and also polishes will do it. Do not confuse an abrasive polish with a regular ole non-abrasive polish. Abrasive polishes will remove swirls whereas non-abrasive polishes add "depth" to your shine prior to waxing.

    For harsher swirls, you can go one step up and get Swirl X, and for even more aggressive swirl removal, Scratch X, and most abrasive, Ultimate Compound.

    Wax does NOT remove swirl marks, unless it is a "cleaner wax" which is only good for removing very light swirls. Wax CONCEALS swirl marks by filling in the swirls with wax. Once the wax has worn off or is beginning to wear off, the swirls will reappear.

    The proper way is to strip the old wax off by washing the car with something that will strip wax (Dawn non-abrasive dishwashing soap) and rinse everything off thoroughly. Then clay bar the car. Then polish the car to remove all the scratches/swirls. Then wax/seal. Prior to wax/seal, if you really want, you can use that non-abrasive "depth" adding polish I mentioned, up to you.

    Also, the pad you use depends on how bad the swirls are. You want a polishing or cutting pad if you are talking about swirl removal. There are different degrees of aggressiveness but I found that Griot's orange POLISHING pads (available at Amazon) work just fine with their polish. Meguiar's has yellow polishing pads too and they'd probably work well. Then they have a more aggressive burgundy colored "cutting" pad. But those require machines, preferably either a dual-action or random orbital buffer...

    Swirl removal by hand is very, very tedious.

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    Any good quality wax applied carefully with a buffer can remove swirl marks.

    If you're still having trouble using a buffer, you will need to hand polish the car to remove the swirl marks.

    Best method is to buff the wax off first very lightly, then hand finish with a soft cloth using straight back and forth motions.

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    4 years ago

    You cant get away from swirl marks once the damage is done apart from a respray

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