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Why did the Republican party drop the word democratic the same time Dems dropped slavery?

Yes the dems use to support slavery but the party changed around the same time the Republican party dropped the word Democratic in their name. The party use to be called the Democratic Republican party. Maybe that is why they say the US is a republic. Congo is also a republic.

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    The "Dem's" changed because they got their azz kicked in the Civil War and were forced to. Nothing magnanimous about it.

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    So, sorry, yet you have it backwards. the two unique events have been the Hamilton led Federalists and the Jefferson led Democratic-Republicans. The Federalists had a desperate professional British slant (the Democratic-Republicans have been further professional-French) and the war of 1812 proved to be the Federalists undoing, leaving the Democratic-Republican party as a results of fact the only possible party. This chop up into various splinter events the main necessary of which exchange into Andrew Jackson's American Democracy branch. This exchange right into a decidedly Jacksonian conservative party, with Jackson being very lots a fashionable hero of the final wing. The liberal branches coalesced into the Whig party which lasted for some years until breaking up over abolition. in the wake of the death of the Whig party got here the decidedly Lefty Republican party which promoted such socialist schemes as a results of fact the Morrill Act, the living house Act, and the Trans-Continental Railroad.

  • The word "Democratic" was never part of the name of the Republican party.

    You must be thinking of Jefferson's "Democratic Republican" party which split into several factions following the collapse of the Federalist party.

    The Republican Party arose much later, as a liberal abolitionist party after the Whig party collapsed over the slavery issue.

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    No one "dropped slavery"

    The Republicans started a civil war to end slavery

    Abraham Lincoln was a Republican

    The parties didn't switch names or positions

    The Democrats continued opposing black rights up into the 1960s

    after the southern democrats unsuccessfully opposed the 1964 civil rights act, they lost favor

    however the southern dems didn't become republicans either

    ex: Robert Byrd, Democrat and KKK member that actually led the filibuster of the 1964 civil rights act remained a Democrat until he died this decade

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    Its was the Democratic Republican party, then they split into 2 different parties. The Slavery issue just happened to reach its height around that time.

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    Republicans didn't want people getting them confused with the democrats who supported slavery.

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    "Congo is also a republic."

    LOL and the East Germany was the "Democratic Republic of Germany" (DDR)...

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