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Why doesn't Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand have a space agency like China does?

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    I don't think Canada, Australia, & New Zealand are that far behind like mexico even Brazil & S. Africa due to Dutch Casoids are above mexico. I think Canada, Australia, & New Zealand are under the same commonwealth society. Canada has their own aerospace industry & so does Australia.

    Mexicans boast their culture superiority prior to their transformation but in reality they are boasting the society that transformed them into that society's image. The SPANIARDs who the mexican indigenous natives believe where gods due to their pale or white complexion, giant ocean vessels, & iron tech; destroyed their culture, religion, human sacrifices on top of pyramid made from rubbles, child mummy sacrifices on top of volcanoes (inca), mayan hieroglyphs, & slash mayan numerals (IIII-III) gave them a more efficient Numeral Numbers, zeros, & decimals derive from India, gave them iron, guns, an alphabet (italic), literature, musical instruments, replaced their language with spanish, & Catholicism under a brutal inquisition. Now they call themselves SPANISH or LATIN (ITALIC Tribes (such as Roman)) & ashamed of their Pre-Columbian (before, H Cortes/F Pissaro) Religion, language, & culture. Spain lost their superiority among Caucasians when the Armada was defeated by the Brit's frigates & falling behind the era of enlightenment, science, & technology.

    Its been 2 centuries since the Industrial revolutions with mexico & most of the countries south of the border still dependent on Europe & North America for their technology. The Modern Industrial revolution (External-Internal Combustion Engine, Steam - Oil Energy) started in Western Europe, the United States quickly followed then Eastern Europe, & the Orient. The Fire lance came from China evolved independently into a flint lock in Europe, then revolvers, repeaters, machine, automatic. Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov, Mikhail Kalashnikov, Samuel Colt, Marin Le Bourgeoys, Eduard Rubin, Oliver Winchester, Georg Luger, Hiram Maxim, John Browning, Richard J. Gatling. Europe & North America quickly followed Nikolaus Otto, Karl Benz, & Rudolf Diesel with help from Good Year's vulcanization, later Japan, Korea, China, then India & Malaysia in a half a century or more. After the U.S. Atom bomb the Russian quickly followed up with the Tzar Bomba, the largest Nuclear Explosion ever conceive then U.K. & China. In space the Russian had the lead surpassed by the U.S. followed by France, Japan, China (third to conduct a manned space flight, space walk, & space station independently), later India. Ohain & Wittle's Engine was also quickly followed up.

    These modern achievement could not have spurred under Mexico's Political Environment, its Culture of corruption for 2 centuries & its people who are responsible for mexico's decline & predicament. All the development in the Southwest was achieved under the U.S. state government & constitution through american labor. Hoover dam, Golden gate bridge, Disney Land, Electrification, etc. Before there was any entitlements (before WW-II) the Amish, Mormons in Utah, Immigrants from the far East & Europe struggled & persevere to develop & cultivate inhospitable lands of the southwest to prosperity without entitlement. The southwest would mirror Mexico, if it had not been won by the U.S. & even paid Millions for it, unprecedented for territorial land acquisition.

    After the middle ages 1 region (Europe) surpasses The Orient, Anatolia, India, & Asia minor (middle east: Levant, Persian, Egypt) to shape the modern world.

    Issac Newton, George Boole, Robert Boyle, Georg Simon Ohm, Willehord Snellius, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Saint, Charles Goodyear, John Ericsson, Percy LeBaron Spencer, Willis Haviland Carrier, George Westing House, Alexander Graham Bell, James Naismith, Walter Clopton Wingfield, Orville & Wilbur Wright, Thomas Alva Edison, Vladamir Zworykin, Ignacy Luka Siewicz, Igor Sikorsky, Andrei Sakharov, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Edward Teller, Stanislaw Ulam, Johann Zahn, Louis Le Prince, Baron Karl Von Drais, Paul Edward Yost, Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, Sergey Pavlovich Korolyov, Wernher von Braun, Henrich Rudolf Hertz, Karl Ferdinand Braun, Neil Christensen, Alexander Popov, Thomas Newcomen, James Watt, Richard Trevithick, Alexander Flemming, Kalman Tihany, Carlos Glidden, Samuel W. Soul, Charles Darwin, Herbert Akroyd Stuart, Hans Von Ohain, Nikalaus Otto, Karl Benz, Alessandro Volta, Herman Hollerith, Blaise Pascal, Alexander Cummings, John Augustas Roebling, John W. Meaker, Jagadish Chandra Bose, Sir William Hamilton, Albert Einstien, Werner Heisenberg, James Ritty, Solymon Merrick, Dimitri Mendeleev, Benjamin Holt, Nicolas Apert, James L. Kraft, Arthur James Arnot, Stephanie Kwolek, Dean Kamen, Jack Kilby, Robert Noyce, Clayton Jacobson, Chester Carlson, Dr. Martin Cooper, Johannes Gutenberg (not the first, but independent from Bi Sheng).

    Source(s): The ancients Greek, Roman, Scythian (Aryans of norther Persia from altai to the caucus described as blue eyed red haired white people with semetic eyes & nose), Persia, Egypt, Hittite, Assyrian, Mayan, Indian, & Oriental kingdom aristocracy all had geometry knowledge, but It took an italian, a brit & a german to diverge into experimentation, calculation, observation & developed physics & calculus then relativity & quantum. Ancient knowledge accessed only by the aristocracy of ancient times doesn't compare to submarine, internal/external combustion: steam, auto/jet, rocket, & nuclear engineering & modern medicine of late 1700s to the present. Hunter Gathering Pastoral origin & society in the world of written language, science, mathematic, numerals derive from india, biology, modern medicine, iron, mechanics, & engineering, are just transformed assimilates for the knowledge wasn't indigenous, applied nor independently learned & improved upon in their own society of origin.
  • wedel
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    This one's trouble-free! as a results of fact the chinese language have stolen our technologies-they have hacked into NASA, stolen all styles of technologies-i've got heard that lots on the information. at the instant, I easily have additionally exchange into conscious that when something is synthetic in China, the study, technologies, engineering, etc. must be disclosed. it somewhat is the settlement. They spend no longer something on study or progression- and get all the advantages. look what exceeded off in Pakistan-The chinese language have been there in a flash, getting truthfully actual samples and schematics from the particular forces helicopter the went down exterior of Bin weighted down's homestead. That exchange right into a very good freebie for them. stick to-up: as a results of OUR government's willingness to take a place of their destiny.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I can'yt speak for the others, but Mexico has a space agency.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    it look like a big penis for you..azzholes.

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