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Who should I trade for Drew Brees?

This is my team:

QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Ryan

RB: Matt Forte, Jhavid Best, Joseph Addai, Beanie Wells

Wr: Hakeem Nicks, Mike Wallace, Nate Burleson, Steve Smith, Devery Henderson, Torrey Smith

Te: Vernon Davis, Dustin Keller

Defense: Chargers

Who should I trade for drew brees?

Who should I start for defense this week? I have the chargers, but i could pick up the titans, bucaneers, giants, cowboys, bengals

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    Fatrick and Henderson for Brees

    Defence: i had the chargers, then i droped them for the bucs, just for this week

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    I too have the EXACT same two QBs on my roster.

    Good luck getting Brees. I think Fitzpatrick's upcoming schedule gets tough and the weather will turn in BUF which just becomes nasty to the passing game. IF you cant get Brees, then play Matty Ryan whenever he's home.

    Trade ... hmm: 1 of Nicks or Wallace - both are legit top 10 WR fantasy targets. And that's what the other guy will ask for to start plus 1 lesser piece ... Addai or Wells.

    You already have a real good team.

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    Id stay with Fitzpatrick for now he's playing great and leading the number one offense in the NFL and with Fred Jackson as a threat on the ground many defenses will stack 8 in the box and bite on play action thus a deep pass to Stevie Johnson is open. Also DON'T pick up the Bengals or Dallas, Tampa Bay could take advantage of Curtis Painter at QB for the Colts and the Giants is a risk reward pick up. Tennessee D is also a stretch so id go with the TB D.

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    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO it is undesirable -Drew Brees>Peyton Manning -Fred Jackson=Brandon Jacobs precise now yet interior the long-term whilst Marshawn Lynch comes back <Jacobs -Chris Henry<Jerichco Cothery What Henry TEN or CIN the two way Jerichco is in basic terms a sprint extra smart no longer a great progression as a results of fact Henry SUCKS Jerichco is very nicely

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  • Pronk
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    I'd try to trade Fitz,or Ryan plus several bench warmers..I don't know who your bench warmers are,but you can figure it out.

    I'm always willing to sacrifice depth if it will improve my starting lineup.Then I actually like replentishing my bench through waivers.

    I'd offer a QB & as many benchers as it takes to get Brees..Focus on what your starting lineup will look like.And,I like the BUCCS defense this week against the Peytonless Colts!

    (And even better,it's on MNF.)

    Stay thirsty my friend.

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    What fantasy stat has Brees generated that Fitz has not?

    Both have 9TDs, a few more yards for Brees but not enough to justify a trade.

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