I'm 18 and have never been kissed but I think this guy might kiss me soon, Help?

Ok, I'm 18 and its nearly the end of my freshers week! I have had 2 bf's before but I've never been kissed, Throughout this week I've met quite a lot of guys who I could've hooked up with but at the last minute I dont coz I've never been kissed and I dont want it to be with some stranger whilst I'm drunk! Anyway I was at a party last night and I meet a guy whilst walking home, we were talking the entire way back and he seemed really nice, we swapped numbers and have been texting most of yesterday/today. I like him and Im meeting up with him tomorrow, im not saying anything is going to happen but if he trys to kiss me I dont know what to do. 1 Ive never been kissed so I dont know how to kiss but Im told it comes naturally? 2 Should I tell him its my first kiss? And if so, before or after? 3 Should I wait til i know him better or will he get bored if I dont kiss him after so long? Please help xx

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  • 8 years ago
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    Kissing comes naturally, just follow his lead. It isn't difficult at all, just remember to swallow so you don't drool everywhere and you should be good :)

    No need to tell him it's your first kiss, I bet he won't be able to tell the difference.

    And if you feel attraction to him and want to kiss him, then let him kiss you. If you don't feel like kissing him, don't let him. Only you know how you feel about this, don't think about it so much and follow your heart.

  • 8 years ago

    If you've waited this long for a kiss. (I'm also 16 and never been kissed)

    You can wait a little longer. Wait to see if he isn't a douchebag who just wants some pu**y.

    Believe me. You'll regret it forever if you kiss him and do stuff with him. Just wait to see if he is legit(:

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