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Are birds good house pets?

I have always adored birds. I was looking into getting two small finches but my mother claims that they are dirty and loud. Someone else told me the environment has to change and things have to be a lot different. Is it worth it?

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    Absolutly!!! Birds in my opinion are way better than a dog or cat. Birds are much smarter, live longer, and cost less. No more spending hundreds at the vet or pet store. And, if you like to travel with your pet or hate paying a lot for a pet sitter, you can easily bring your birds with you. And, many airlines will let you bring your bird in an airline-approved crate. No more scary kennels that you would normally send a dog or cat to. See all positives? I think that they weigh out the loudness or dirtyness by a longshot. And those problems can be fixed with some creative thinking. You can cover the cage at night, and get covered feeders that prevent seeds and pellets to go flying. Also, you dont waste money because without a covered feeder, some birds will poop in their food/water. (yes, yes, EW.) Just think about it for a bit, and I'm sure those finches will bring a nice and cheery sond versus a loud "scream" as bigger parrots are known for.

    Hope this helps!!!

    Source(s): Owning birds and doin' my research.
  • Birds are great pets and definitely worth it. But with all pets you must educate yourself, as you are accepting responsibility for a living creature.

    Birds do make noise and they can be messy. Spend some time in a pet shop and make sure that the noise will not be a problem. As far as the mess goes, that just requires daily cleaning which is very important because it can cause health problems for the birds if they are not maintained.

    Not so sure what you mean by the "environment has to change and things have to be a lot different" Are they referring to things you would need to do to offer the birds a safe and stable environment?

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    Birds are excellent pets. Finches are easy to take care of. Get a book and find out as much as possible. You mother may just hate birds in general or know nothing about different species of birds. I have been a cockatiel breeder and owner for 30 years. I have 3 birds that are 25 years old and they are cuddly and sweet. Do some research into different types of birds. They are a joy to be around.

    Source(s): cockatiel breeder for 30 years
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    Yes it's worth it. I used to have many years ago, three finches, two females and a male. The male was a zebra finch. They are kind of gray with a white belly and black stripes on their chest. He was so cute and funny. A few times he got out of his cage, and the way they fly just make you crack up. They sort of bob up and down. LOL! The females are drabber in color. THey will actually lay eggs if you put a little store bought nest inside. They actually gave birth once, but the chick didn't survive, I'm not sure why. But yeah finches are fun and not too expensive. Budgie's are good. And they can actually learn to imitate sounds if you work with them. They can talk like parrots and whistle too. I had one of them too.

    Source(s): Experience with finches and budgies.
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    I currently own a green cheek conure (small parrot), and I would never DREAM of getting rid of her. Yes, she can be loud at times, but the companionship FAR outweighs the loudness. She is a hoot to watch as she "dances", mimicks my call for her, and sticks her head behind my ear to snuggle up like a small child would hide behind your leg. A bird can be an AMAZING pet.

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    Yes! It's very worth it! I have two budgies and they really liven everything up! and birds are really easy to look after :) I would definitely recommend birds :))

    Hope this helps xx

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    I do have homestead pets: 2 cats and one canine. sure, they get alongside somewhat properly...until the cats start up waking the canine with slaps! Then, it somewhat is going to become a velocity race around the homestead.

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    not worth it, better go for a real house pet... dog. unless you live in the philippines birds can cope up with the weather and temperature there.

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    One word YES.

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