I`m scared i will ruin my relationship with my bf cause i text him loads. Help!?

So we have been going out for 3 weeks now or something, and we texted LOADS. but now when i text him his replys are so slow! i mean its okay few minutes later... but like hours later?.... and i know he has read them cause it tells me on my phone :/ but when he finally texts back his replys are really good and he seems interested and happy with me... but i donno am i just being to desperate ? i just wanna send him random texts now starting random convos so i can end up chatting to him :/ help please

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  • 9 years ago
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    Don't text him at all. Wait till he text you. Cause yes you don't want to seem desperate. Just to give you an heads up my boyfriend admitted that sometimes he does the same thing on purpose to see if I really care, its weird.

  • Be patient. You don't need to rush.

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