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Did Prince Philip have an affair with the Queen's Horse Person?

That's the buzz I'm hearing on the Internet. Of course, this affair would have been years ago when Phips was wild and wooly!

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    My dear Jeanne, there appears to be quite a lot of "buzz" appearing on the interweb these days. One is very much at a loss to find its source. However, one can very much assure you that unless Prince Philip is a homosexual, then he is very unlikely to be having an affair with Her Majesty's "horse person". Then again, one never does know with these Greek chappies. Apparently, both Socrates and Aristotle were raging homosexuals themselves.

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    I suspect the queen's horse would have been fair game for Philip, to say nothing of the better-connected understrappers - not the plebs below stairs, you understand, but the wives of equerries and such.

    Mountbatten preferred to film Nehru shagging Lady Mountbatten, but then he was only an outer royal - not like the old Duke of Kent, who famously 'shagged ten thousand men' apart from Noel Coward.

    Mind you, royal buzzes are far from new - I remember one circulating in the 1970s that Philip was not the father of the two younger princes, and before that, we have the other meanings of songs like 'Sing a song of sixpence', and 'Sweet lass of Richmond Hill'.

    I just love Our Betters, don't you?

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    See the link below - it's an answer from the Horse's mouth....

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The word is STABLEBOY!

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    no. He;s always been faithful.

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