What manga should i read??? Plz tell me Y_Y?

like i read black butler, pureblood boyfriend, vampire knight, maki ouji... & 'm looking 4 a manga about guys that look close to ciel, zero, aki, sasuke & ayase from no money who look drop-dead gorgeous with cold looks (ayase dont look cold at all but he z cute) that even a guy would fall 4 them... I like mangaz with devilz, demonz, vampirez & darkness... I like to see my fav. Guy bleedin, kidnapped, being tied or blood sucked

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    9 years ago
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    Ao no Exorcist is a demon manga that i really recommend!! The manga's sold 1,000,000 copies!!! Its anime's on ep 25, and the movie was announced yesterday!!

    You should also check out Nurarihyon no Mago (He's SOOOO good looking when he transforms!!!)

    Bleach, Gintama, Death Note and Durarara!! are also really good^^

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    FMA, Bleach, Death note, High school of the dead

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