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What can I do to become a famous journalist?


Im a 16 year old guy. I hope to become a famous journalist one day. I sometimes write in the opinion section of newspapers. I prepared to work hard to get there. What can I start doing.


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    Become a Journalist first , then go freelance (means you do not work for a syndication or a publisher) and then go to where the great current news stories are.

    Many Journalists rise to fame through taking on dangerous stories (like wars ) and put themselves in the middle to get the photos and the story. Some get it through human interest stories or interviewing interesting people ..

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    A Famous Journalist

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    Go to uni/ college and become a qualified journalist and then you are more likely to get a good jump start, then once you are qualified try and write for a big paper or make your own blog and get it out there e.c.t hope I helped good luck

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    Good on you for getting some experience first off.

    Do well in your exams and go to University. The best journalism universities in the UK are City University London, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Warwick and Strathclyde isn't bad either!

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    Stand out from the majority who write what their pro government media outlets tell them to write. Write the truth, expose the nasty criminals that have hijacked our western governments and who are stealing the middle east and the balkans.

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    great question from a 16 year old!Well at first, you need to possess an urge to know, to tell correctly as you understood it.I urge you to study whatever course you will since journalism needs an all round person. Then you need to have a passion for the truth not propaganda.prepare now to always stand for the truth as it is,expressing it as it comes at whatever cost.Be ready to sacrifice your life for it.for now move on and you are on the right track to your calling

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    Go,Mingle with people in crowded places.

    Find out their pride and frustrations.

    All journalism fluctuates between peoples frustration and pride.

    Find a place for you therein.

    You have made it!

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    change youre name to Evan Baxter

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    By exposing big scandles

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