How Will End the World and Human Civilization!?

(Nostradamus),Revenge,crusade,blood,complex,war,destruction,unemployment,disease,enviromental pollution,human population increase,injustice,HUNGER,Housing problems,moral corruption,religious fundamentalism,embezzlement,Natural disasters,Brutality,chaos,anarchism,bloody reactionary revolutions,Dictatorship,WMD


i can not say exactly when but seriously, in my opinion, it seems the world going to END!.

what is your idea about it!?

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  • 9 years ago
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    It will probably end in about 4 billion years when the sun becomes a red giant. I imagine people will last at least a few million years on Earth and should be in other solar systems by then so might last indefinitely. They won't be exactly what you would probably call people but they will be our descendents. Nothing on the lists threatens the survival of humans with the exception of WMD's. We avoided a full nuclear exchange in the cold war and there is nothing on the horizon that looks remotely that threatening. It would take something like that to wipe out humans.

  • 9 years ago

    Nostradamus & similar is just bunch of crap.

    Truth is that never in the history of human kind a higher % of people lived as good as they live right now.

    All things you have stated were happening trough entire history... Except overpopulation but even overpopulation is limited to only certain parts of the world and it's not critical, since when it hit's critical limit superfluous will die off, either from lack of medicine, food or in wars..., and even that seems limited to third world country's who are largely responsible for "overpopulation". So it should have little or no effect on human existance in general.

    Polution is nothing new, check articles on the beginning of the industrial revolution, hunger and injustice have been with us from dawn of civilization. Moral corruption and religious fundamentalism, hehe, take look at the DARK AGES, i'd take present day over it anytime. Natural disasters :), come on, from vesuveus 79AD volcano to San Francisco earthquake in 1906, history is full of natural disasters. Brutality, chaos, anarchism? From the dawn of man kind we spent most of our time slaughtering each other, even the most advances in technology or medicine are due to war time efforts...

    Yeah the world will end eventually when our sun goes supernova, but we'll probably spread beyond the stars by then. We have about 4 billion years to get there.

    So, stop wasting time by thinking about mambo jumbo nonsesnes and live.

    "Since the one who values life will not waste time as time is what life is made of." (Bruce Lee) :)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    im a firm believer the world will end do to a contagious uncurable disease.

  • 9 years ago

    would be mint if it involved zombies but chances are it wont :(. ah well.

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