no sound with windows 7 media player?

ok, this isn't like some of the other windows medial player sound problems you read about on the internet, in this case I have been trying to watch district 9 again but no sound either works, it all used to work ages ago but for a long amount of time this glitch has existing in ever windows instillation I have done, people recommend codes but non of them seem to work, also if I remove windows media player 11 and re add it with windows add or remove programmings then it works , untill I shut down for one night, turn on for the next day then it just doesn't work again


I like windows media player :/ lol I want to try and get this to work as I use it a lot, also would another player be able to get all it's data from my server?

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  • 9 years ago
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    This can happen if you have two different media readers set to read the same kind of file.An example is if you have Realplayer and WMP set to play mp3s.

  • 9 years ago

    Use VLC video player its much better link :

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