What manga should i read??? Plz tell me Y_Y?

like i read black butler, pureblood boyfriend, vampire knight, maki ouji... & 'm looking 4 a manga about guys that look close to ciel, zero, aki, sasuke & ayase from no money who look drop-dead gorgeous with cold looks (ayase dont look cold at all but he z cute) that even a guy would fall 4 them... I like mangaz with devilz, demonz, vampirez & darkness... I like to see my fav. Guy bleedin, kidnapped, being tied or blood sucked

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    um maybe

    -akuma to dolce (quite good)

    -Hana to Akuma (this is AWESOME!! made me cry)

    and thats all I can think of :P

    i'm not rlly a big fan of akuma :P

    hope this helped u :D

    Source(s): my awesome brain :D
  • 9 years ago

    stray love heart , barajou no kiss, kaichou wa maid sama(usui isnt devil or vampire but he is drop-dead gorgeous thougbh)

    Source(s): to Mimi: agree with you ,hana to Akuma is AWESOME
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