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What did King Chales II bring back to England from france in 1660 (Theatre)?

Im writing a infomation leaflet for my drama class about the restoration period, and i was wondering what Charles II bourght back with him from france. Like What kind of things to do with theatre, iv got "When Charles II returned to England he brought all his experiences of French theatre back with him and started to restore England’s theatre industry, by..." what was french theatre like i the 1650's ??

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    By the time the theaters were reopened in England, Corneille and Racine in France had established the neo-classic standard for tragedy, and Molière was in the full tide of his success. These playwrights, with Quinault and others, for a time supplied the English with plots. The first French opera, Cadmus and Hermione, by Lully and Quinault, performed in Paris in 1673, crossed the channel almost immediately, influencing Dryden in his attempts at opera. The romantic, semi-historical romances of Madame Scudéry and the Countess de la Fayette afforded a second supply of story material, while Spanish plays and tales opened up still another. Sometimes the plots of Calderón or Lope de Vega came to the English at second-hand through French versions. Whatever the case, it was now evident that the national type of play had ceased to be written. From this time on every European nation was influence by, and exerted an influence upon, the drama of every other nation. Characters, situations, plots, themes--these things traveled from country to country, always modifying and sometimes supplanting the home product.

    Everywhere in the Restoration plays are traces of European influence. The Plain Dealer of Wycherley was an English version of The Misanthrope of Molière; and there are many admirable qualities in the French play which are lacking in the English. The Double Dealer recalls scenes from The Learned Ladies (Les femmes savantes); and Mr. Bluffe, in The Old Bachelor, is none other than our old friend Miles Gloriosus, who has traveled through Latin, Italian and French comedy. The national taste was coming into harmony, to a considerable extent, with the standards of Europe. Eccentricities were curbed; ideas, characters, and story material were interchanged.

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    For the medieval era (center an prolonged time ability the comparable difficulty), i could say Henry II. He controlled to instill an excellent style of regulation and order on a u . s . that were torn aside by ability of civil conflict, and he had to conflict his entire existence to do it. his greatest mistake became the dying of Thomas Becket, which Henry primary a humiliating penance for. To solid the internet wider, i could say Elizabeth I, yet she's Renaissance, no longer Medieval. (Henry VIII, her father, is likewise Renaissance) She cleans up an excellent style of messes at abode and actually gets England onto the international state as a important participant. English exploration many times started below her, which will at last bloom into the international's nicely suited military and an expansive empire (in spite of if long after her dying - she merely planted the seeds)

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    Charles II left France and made a quick detour in Ireland where he recruited several hundred Irish citizens who hated the Parliamentary government and then he headed back to England to challenge Cromwell. He lost and as a result Cromwell went to Ireland and slaughtered tens of thousands of Irish in return.

    Source(s): so sad all the dead Irish men women and children.
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