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why are the doors in my house are a little tough to open?

it started at the end of the summer. now its fall, the weather's still summer a little, and i'm still having the same issue. They are a little tough to close and open except for my back door since its the only one with a different part (strike handle) to be exact. Do i need a carpenter's plane or something?

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    Don't do anything, at least for a few weeks.

    You live in New Jersey, so have experienced a lot of rain and humidity recently and that's what is causing the problem. Excessive moisture in the air causes doors and door jambs to swell and will go back to normal as winter approaches. If you plane the edge of the door it will probably have a bigger gap than it used to and allow cold air in in the winter.

    Your foundation or house may also have shifted, but sticky doors are almost always caused by seasonal swelling. If your house is more than 20 years old, the doors and jambs may have a lot of paint layers built up, and that can be scraped off, but I'd simply apply a little good quality paste wax to them, which will help a lot if not actually solve the problem. Now I work in a theater and that's what we do to keep doors that we don't want to squeak from making any noise, though I learned the trick as a carpenter. Your doorknobs and latches may need a little lubrication, too. I use the stuff I put on my kids bicycle chain because it doesn't attract dirt or freeze, but WD40 or 3 in 1 oil will work, too.

    Always approach these kinds of problems with the simplest, cheapest solution first. A little wax and patience is all you should need.

    Source(s): Cabinetmaker and carpenter for over 20 years. This happens at my 100 year old house here in the midwest every spring and I just wait for the weather to turn because otherwise I would have a huge gap around the edges of the doors.
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    The door frame has leaned. It doesn't have to lean much to cause a bind. There are two things you can do:

    1. Find the bind, sand it off, and repaint the spot.

    2. Loosen the screws in one hinge and insert a piece of cardboard cut from a cereal box. That makes the door hang at a different angle.

    One or both may be needed to fix it.

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    Some metal materials that are used for manufacturing doors might rust and its particles might firmly fix the doors. You must use some lubricants such as oil to smooth the opening and closing access points. Hope this will smooth the opening and closing process. If you need any high quality doors at affordable rates, make use of..

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    check your floors for 'level' near the doors, then check 'plumb' on the door frames.... it seems that some part of your house is sinking, moving.... perhaps because of soil drying out around the foundation, or rain making one side wetter (uphill) or the land under your house is shifting..... if there's a marked 'out of plumb/level', then you need someone professional to inspect it..... got cracks in the ceiling/walls?....

    if you've had rain rain rain, your door jambs might just be swelled up from the moisture....don't plane anything yet or when it dries,t here will be a gap after the wood's swelling goes down....again... get a pro.... contractor....check with Angie's List!!.....

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  • The natural swelling and contraction of the soil under your foundation is probably the #1 reason. Readjusting the frame may help and some light planing could do it too.

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